New nurse orientation Tuesday need Advice

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I want to first say that I am indeed bless to have a job at this moment. My fellow classmates are having a very difficult time and I ask that you all as well as my self continue to pray for them this whole thing can be very discouraging. I start orientation Tuesday and have mixed emotions, fear, excitement, fear and did I mention fear. Fear of messing up and not being able to keep up with everything you know. The place is nice it's a LTC facility which I have always had an interest in geriatrics but my goal is to someday be a hospice nurse as well. What do I do to prepare for everything and was it hard for you all to believe that you are actually the nurse? As well as I am prn and going to school I have already had to drop two classes because I think I bit off more than I can chew at this time. I am trying to finish up my prerequisites to apply for an on line RN program who have clinicals once a week which is great. I planned it all but not so well I guess. I have two classes left and am doing well but need to work more than anything and I think I am going to have to drop those too. I know I am rambling but any advice for all this stuff. I am starting to believe that this is going to be the story of my life for at least four more years. My ultimate goal is to be a ARNP, if god wills it. Thank you all for listening to my constant babbling, it is nice to know that I don't babble alone.

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The Hospice inpatient units in my area require the LPN to have med/surg experience. Kinda stinks as the hospitals around here have not been hiring LPNs for several years.

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