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New nurse, new job, 2 year contract? Help!

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Hello seasoned nurses and new nurses!

I'm a new nurse and recently passed my NCLEX this year. However my situation is kind of difficult. Long story short, I had a series of negative life events that hindered me from passing and retaking the test some years ago, but finally was successful this year. It has been some time since I graduated, but thank God I finally passed and was in a better place in my life to get licensed this past September! I have been job hunting since and it has been quite the number of rejection emails I've receieved from various facilities stating that although I was a good fit they "currently have moved on to another candidate" etc. I have applied mostly to new grad positions at hospitals thinking it would give me a better chance to be trained properly, but I have also applied to RN I positions with very little luck. I think because of the time lapse employers are hesitant and unwilling to give me a chance even though I have worked in Healthcare facilities so I have not been completely out of the scene. Still though, I'm not a "new grad" per say, and I'm also not a seasoned nurse. It is frustrating to be in this bind. Anyway, I finally found a place that would hire me, but the hospital facility is asking that I sign a 2 year contract. It basically says that if I leave before my two years is up, I'll owe the hospital a sum of money depending upon how early I leave. I would like to take the job since it seems no one really wants to take a chance on me given my situation and I'm sure I would stick it out with them for two years maybe more. I consider myself to be pretty good about being loyal to employers.. but the contract binding is giving me cold feet. Life happens and what if I have to move or a stupendous job else where lands in my lap? I am not sure how to approach this situation and I'm not sure if it is a common practice at hospitals everywhere to require this of a new nurse/ employee. I was just wondering if anyone out there would be willing to offer me some kind words of advice? Should I take a chance and just sign the contract? Should I continue looking and take a chance on however long that will take to find a different job offer? Please help.. Anything would be appreciated!

Thank you! :)

EllaBella1 specializes in ICU.

99.9% of the new grad jobs out there are going to come with a contract. I signed one, as did the majority of people I graduated nursing school with. Considering you've been having trouble finding a job I would jump on the opportunity. Two years goes by fast.

Under the circumstances you describe, a job offer with a two-year contract sounds pretty good. If something so much better comes along that you can't stand to pass it up, just plan on paying up. Easy.


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