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new nurse, navy spouse, and possibly new mom. help


Hi, I'm new to this forum so I thank everyone in advance. I just graduated from a nursing school in michigan 2 months ago. Immediately upon graduation I moved to California with my husband who had been stationed there all through out nursing school. It was a long two years:/ we just found out we are moving to virginia in october. Knowing that I will only be in california for a few more months I have no intention of finding work here because I would just waste a companies time and resources so I will wait until I get to VA. The problem is I am 9 weeks pregnant. I'm concerned about getting a job as a new grad and than dropping the pregnancy bomb on them, I'm also concerned with waiting until after the baby is born to get a job because at that point I will be almost a year out of school. Does anyone have any advice or similar experience? Anything helps at this point. Thank you


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Have you done NCLEX yet? If you have your license, you can start the process for licensure in Virginia by checking with their BON. Get that step out of the way.

In and around the Naval base area down there, you can start looking around. It will take you some time anyway even when you get there. The job market is tough for everyone.

I'm sure that when you do get there and start to interview, you will have that baby bump, so it's not something you'll be able to hide.

So, good luck, personally & professionally, little Momma. And welcome to All Nurses.

Thanks for the response. I forgot to mention, I have taken and passed NCLEX, and I already have my VA license. They were very fast. I have also taken an ACLS course in hopes of improving my chances of getting a job. I'm worried that if I wait to get a job until after the baby is born, if an employer will frown that I took the time off after school


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Lots of new nurses delay the NCLEX/licensure process for numerous reasons. And then some drag their feet applying to ONLY those facilities offering the golden 'dream job'. Personally, I don't think anyone will look negatively at it but I can't speak for recruiters. I really do understand your slow start and it makes perfect sense to me.

As I said the job market is tough, even just to get an interview. And then sometimes it takes forever for a decision to be made, pro or con, for the applicant. Whichever way you go, it may be quite a while before you actually snag a position, pregnant or not.

Again, good luck and congrats on your RN (or LPN)!


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Maybe just volunteer until you move to stay competitive and gaining some valuable experience. I would still look for a job when you move if I were you, having a baby isn't something that they can ask about during an interview.