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Hello :) I am a new nurse! I have worked in med/surg for a short time but I have been offered a position as a home health nurse. I am so excited about this......I have been wanting to spend more one on one time with my patients without the worry of the "call light" in the other room. I'm nervous about not having the direct support of other team members. Does anyone have suggestions??? What about resources?

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When I started out, with no peds experience, I hauled along all the peds references I could carry in my backpack. Did not consult them much, but having them along made me feel better. I also spent a lot of time doing homework just like when I was in school. I looked up meds and conditions. This activity also helped.


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I think as long as you are doing your best and trying to do what is right for the patient, you will find people are supportive. I try to take newbies 'under my wing' and always be there if they have questions or ask how their day is going. A lot of times you will not know how to deal with something until you first encounter it. So each experience will give you more knowledge with how to handle it in the future. Also, download some drug/PDR apps to your phone for quick reference!


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I also do a lot of research about the issues concerning my patients. I practice in my mind and (don't laugh at me) with imaginary people for emergency responses that I would need, so that I have the physical action sort of in my schema of things. When I have a question I call the case manager (who is an RN with much more experience) for the case, or the office always has an RN on hand for questions. Or, I call the doctor if need be. Point being, you are alone, but not alone. In an emergency, yes, you are on your own until EMS gets there, which is why I run my mock scenarios. I miss being able to interact with other nurses on a daily basis because you can learn so much that way. But, I also enjoy that I really get the chance to tie my actions to the "why" of doing them. Some days I get bored and wish I was in an acute care setting, but then I come here and read all the agony and terror and I am over it. ;)

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See my post this page.

I hesitate to say this, but you'll not have much time to "spend more time" with you're Pt.'s. HHC, unless you're working part time IS, to some degree, fast paced. You'll have SOME sort of "quota" to meet and you'll have to meet it. Keep the Pt./family focused. Assess their needs and include it in the Plan of Care. Provide printed CONSICE information. Be organized. On to the next (Pt.)!

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