new nurse, but no experience! help

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i am a new nurse that graduated with a 3.0. i am having trouble finding work in my field (patient care tech). everyone says that i need at least one year experience. i don't have any experience except my intership at a hospital in florida and a doctors office. thanks

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Will neither of those places u mentioned hire u????Long term facilities will hire and train you. Where have u tried???I'm in florida also and there are lots of opprutunities. I would get the phone book out and call the places that I know that have a good reputation and see if they have any openings. That is how I got the job I loved in HH. :) bEST OF LUCK. LET US KNOW WHAT U HAVE TRIED.


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I have found in the past that when I go in person and then fill out job applications, if they're hiring, they will call and arrange an interview. That's how I got my first job in nursing - just go in person. If they're not hiring, they'll tell you that they only keep applications for several months.

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