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I've been having a week of training as a nurse at a state facility and I don't feel as if I'm competent enough for the job. 

I worked for a private nursing home for the past 6 years and so far this experience at the state facility has been a bit overwhelming for me.

There are a lot of documentation needed to back up nursing interventions and I've been having trouble with the new computer system (Point Click Care) since I have been using a different system (RHS visual) in the past. My proctor is very helpful, yet I feel as if all the nurses that work there have better understanding and knowledge of their skills and residents than I do.

I guess I'm just scared that all those 6 years were wasted and that I don't have enough nursing knowledge and that I am a joke nurse and that everyone at that facility will see it. Should I still go through this training or find another job where I'm more comfortable with the work environment? I feel as if a lot is expected of me.

Only you can answer that.

Nothing is wasted, friend. 

Still, you have been there a very short time.  See how it goes for the next few weeks.  Best wishes.

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Hi lpnguardian! My advice would be-- don't get discouraged! 

Nursing contains such a diverse range of options that it's perfectly normal to take time to transition to the new expectations in the new job just as it would be if you transitioned from one job to another outside the nursing field entirely.

Sometimes nurses who are new to a specialty but not new to nursing are reluctant to ask questions because they or their co-workers think "I should know this already". It's better to feel awkward and ask the question than deal with the possible consequences of leaving things to chance.

My personal experience is that if a job is truly not for you it will become evident, but not before you've dealt with the initial learning curve.

Best wishes!


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