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New NP looking for first job

David2017 David2017 (New) New

Good morning everyone! I'd like your feedback from your previous experience looking for employment as a Nurse Practitioner. I m a new AGNP and I just started looking for employment 3 weeks ago. I interacted with recruiters. I got one phone interview that lasted about 35 minutes. I think it went well. Just wondering what to expect for next interview? Do the questions tend to be more clinical in nature? Or are they general, behavioral type questions like the first interview? Your opinion would be appreciated.

babatee, MSN, RN

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A friend of mine, a FNP just got a job and he told me that most of the questions were clinical. I'm currently enrolled in a AGNP program. Were you able to work for the entirety of the program?

This was my suspicion since the recruiter who conducted the first interview is not a clinician. With regards to combining school and work, I did work full time for the most part of the program. Toward the end I cut my hours down to 30 by using PTO. Good luck!

traumaRUs, MSN, APRN, CNS

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Usually, APRN interviews are tiered: the first being with an HR (non-clinician), then one with an APRN, then perhaps MD. There is almost always a time to shadow one of the APRNs.

Best wishes in your job hunt.

FullGlass, BSN, MSN, NP

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I've been interviewing A LOT. So far, I have never been asked a question to test my clinical knowledge, beyond describing my clinical rotations. Only one provider arranged for me to shadow them for a day. And I have already received 1 written job offer (after one phone interview!) and 4 verbal offers. I was quite surprised by this. However, I am also interviewing in underserved areas which are desperate for providers.

My typical experience has been: 1) phone interview by hiring clinician (usually MD); 2) in-person interview or 3) for remote locations, a second phone interview with a panel followed by in person visit.

That said, I always try to do a bit of clinical review before every interview.

Best wishes on your job search!