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Hi All,

I've been working as an elementary school nurse for the past several years. I was really needing a change, so I decided to take a job at a junior high school. This will be my first year working with older kids. I've been so excited, but as the upcoming school year approaches, I'm starting to get very anxious about what lies ahead (mainly the unknown, I guess). Any suggestions/tips/warnings from you secondary nurses who have previously been elementary nurses that may help ease my anxiety would by greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

CalNevaMimi, LPN, LVN

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I'm in your boat, but I have also worked at a high school. Middle school is going great so far and I'm really happy here. I've got one good trick with the hall passes for the students to get from my office back to class. If they are in my office due to headache, stomachache, cramps, etc., and just need to rest for 10-15 minutes...I fill out the "out time" in advance so they actually are held accountable to leave my office. Otherwise, those little darlings would love to lounge in here all day or try to argue with me about it. This has worked beautifully.

I'm feeling a little anxious myself . It's the unknown . I recently switched from younger to older as well and I definitely don't feel as comfortable yet . It's definitely different. They communicate better but the problems are bigger too. You will do fine. A friend of mine recently went from elem to Hs and she was anxious too. She loves it !!


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