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hello everyone~

i am brand new here, and am seeking advice about a situation at work. i will be probably resigning anyway, but still will be making my voice heard before i go.

i am a rn originally from the philippines, was brought here under contract from my current employer, and stayed on staff there one year past my contract. i am still learning a lot of how things work here in the us, and in my own facility as well.

ok, my problem is this. my unit manager recently got a nurse falsely transferred from our unit because of a "med error" that was fabricated.and now i am her target. yesterday, a resident (i work LTC) complained that she didn't get a shower. she is occasionally confused, but of course, needs her complaints investigated. i approached her about it, and she stated the aide did not wash her, just splashed water on her legs. i ended up giving the aide a re-education slip, and referred it to our inservice director (she is brand new). today, i was brought in to my unit manager's office, and basically told me (with a fellow nurse present) that she didn't believe me, and believed the aide "because the resident is confused and doesn't know anything" (not true!!!). that is my biggest problem. i no longer want to work on her unit if i have zero credibility!

my second gripe is that last night, i also had a resident fall and break her humeral neck. i stayed OT to transfer her out at the end of my shift, so the noc nurse didn't have to do it. today when i came in, the whole unit was gossiping about it at the desk. not only was i angry about my staff on afternoons being accused of neglecting their residents, i'm upset that everyone knew about it. the unit secretary said to me when i walked in "you're being investigated about so and so falling and breaking her arm, and so are all your aides". isn't that technically a hippa violation? i still am fuzzy on the rules here, we have nothing like that back home.

so basically, i am filing a grievance before i resign. i am wondering if anyone could give me some hints on writing a letter to the administration, asking for a transfer to another unit while i wait out my notice. sorry for the extra long post, i really needed to vent.

whew! what a week it's been :(


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It sounds as if you work in a pit of serpents! That was an event only. Just an unfortunate event. Accidents have to be investigated by law, but that clerk was trying to bait you into saying something without thinking.

Think about it carefully if you want to write a letter. If you know you will never want to work there again just say goodbye. If they offer an exit interview you can make your side known. Don't sign anything without entering your side of the story. Frankly I'd just move on. One problem though is that being a "foreign" nurse will this affect your visa?

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