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HI everyone, im hoping someone can help me. Im just looking into emigrate to the good old US of A and i've learnt that i need to take this NCLEX test. I need a little help as to where i can find the best/cheapest way to get this done, i went on nurses4america and they charging £400 for training + £200 for test. Does this sound about right? If anyone has any advice about where to go or about the how long do u think i should be studying for??? is it a year type studying or more or less??? I would be really grateful for any advice!


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You are not applying for NCLEX but license to be a RN in the US and NCLEX is just a part of that process.

You need to apply to a state board of nursing and meet requirements for foreign trained nurse. That may be CES from CGFNS. this is a evaluation of your transcripts and ensuring that you meet their requirements. UK training doesn't always due to the nature of being more specialised where as the US is generalist. Once you have eligibilty to sit NCLEX then you need to register with pearsonvue and pay $350 (200 plus 150 plus VAT when sitting exam outside of the US, can now be sat in London)

I would suggest a good read on this forum on which state is recommended and why California isn't recommended for initial licensure and also retrogression. With current visa situation you are looking at several years for a immigrant visa and there are many UK nurses affected. May want to consider another country, we did and now live in Canada and love it.

Once you are ready to start studying NCLEX would suggest a good review book, forget any experience you have (NCLEX is aimed at new grads) and look at the NCLEX forum for support. You have approx 4-9 months depending on state you apply to before you get to this stage


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Thank you so much silver dragon, i have a little more of an idea now. sorry to be a pain but how do i get to the forums????

You need to pick a state where you want to live.

Then you need to contact the board of nursing, each state has it's own board. Most have a web site, follow the directions there.

Unfortunately there is a very long wait to come to the USA, there are no visas at this time.

So in answer to your question, what is the cheapest way. It depends where you plan to live.


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Thank you Alex, I appreciate yr advice! i knew it would be a long process, but i think its gonna be longer than expected...maybe i should get a few more yrs experience under my belt. Or just try another country ha.

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