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Hello all. I currently have a 10 month old daughter and am beginning nursing school at the end of this month. I was in school and was accepted to the nursing program last year and declined because I found out that I was pregnant. Now all my friends have moved on and gotten started and I am absolutely petrified. I work part time now, (quitting when school starts) and already have little to no energy by the end of the day. I'm looking for some advice on how to juggle new baby and school. I feel completely out of my element. My husband is very supportive but works 12 hour days running his own business so house work and baby duties are pretty much left up to me. I did very well in school before starting the nursing program and pre-baby...not sure how to handle all this. Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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Just wanted to say I am there with you...I have a 2 year old and this baby is due Dec 8th..2 days before last class day. My husband is also working like crazy so the housework and kid duties are mainly mine right now. We did discuss organizing and just today put up a calendar on the fridge along with a to do list. He is able to look and see what all is going on..which he never did before lol. Sorry not much advice, just trying to figure this out as well :) I think it will take a few weeks but you will eventually get in a routine



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Time management. Start getting your baby used to doing things at certain times- eating, bathing, bedtime...(granted we cannot get them on a strict schedule at this age, but it's a start.) Study at every opportunity and don't sweat the housework so much. Do the laundry and don't worry if it stays in the basket until you wear it. You're also going to have to get your husband to help out. If I believe what I've read so far, we'll be pulling days just as long as your husband's, if not longer, because of all the school work we'll have. I've already warned my friends and family that if they don't give me two hours notice, they will have to deal with a sloppy looking house. (Or they can come clean it for me! lol)

My husband works for the railroad, so he works LONG days when he gets to work in town. (Otherwise he's gone for up to three days at a time, and even then we don't know for sure when his next trip is. He could be home for 16 hours or three days. UGH) I have already told him DOING the laundry is his gig, I'll put it away. Bathtime will also be his when he's home, along with getting the dishes in the dishwasher. As for other chores- meh, they'll get done when they get done.

Also, if you have family and friends in the area- don't be afraid to ask for help. My parents and sister are excited at the thought of spending a LOT more time with son. WOOT! (Of course, he's four, potty trained and able to express himself now- which helps my cause.)

Good luck!