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Hi Everyone! I received a job offer as the School Nurse for a Middle School a couple of months ago. I am so excited to get started next month, but also beginning to wonder what I've gotten myself into! :yes: I've ordered a ton of books, been reading, reading, reading, and of course lurking here with you guys. I have about 12 years of nursing experience in various areas (NICU, Peds Home Health, Derm/Med Aesthetics, and some background training in Behavior Analysis), but I would love to join your group and learn from your collective knowledge. I'm not a coddler, but I am a bit of a softie, so I think I'm going to have to work on that a little. The school where I will be working is grade 6-8, about 1100 students and a clinic assistant who is an LPN. Soooo, any tips for me re: middle school nursing? Thank you and I am so happy to be a part of this group!

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Welcome and congratulations! I'm PK-5 so I'll defer to the nurses who deal with that age group to offer advice. I do, however, believe it is true of grades 6-8...too big to be little but too little to be big. Best of luck to ya! Don't hesitate to reach out; these guys will jump right in for you.

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Welcome í ½í¸ƒ ! You will love school nursing. This amazing group of "cool nurses" is an invaluable resource as well as a place to just vent ! Congratulations and have a FABULOUS year í ½í± !


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Welcome to school nursing! You should do fine with your background, and it sounds like you are preparing yourself well for this school year. As any nursing specialty, it takes a while to become comfortable. However, you have this group for their valuable experience, times for venting, and a whole lot of humor. Have a great year - and let us know how you are doing.