Shiprock Hospital and basic living in New Mexico questions

  1. My significant other approached me about getting a job with IHS. He's native American, owes them money from scholarship, and can get a sweet deal going to work for them. I looked into it myself and think that Shiprock would be a great place for us to go (basically only place I could see hospital jobs for both of us). I like what I've researched about the hospital. I think the surrounding area would complement our lifestyle. (I have two young kids 6 and 3). I'm excited at all the prospects for outdoors and hiking.
    Information I'm looking for.
    1. I would love to hear from anyone who has worked at this facility, knows about this facility, especially in regards to ICU where I would like to work. I'm interested in hearing about the application process, what they are looking for in an ICU nurse. I mainly have worked stepdown, currently in a special care unit at a community hospital. I am trained to work in higher acuity ICU's at the bigger affiliate hospitals and float and pick up hours there (technically PRN status there). I am assuming that Shiprock ICU does not hold higher acuity patients, but then again, we all know about assuming right? I really hope my experiences would be sufficient enough to get me into their ICU. I have been an RN for almost 4 years. At my current hospital I am responsible for attending codes, and I also do MET/RRT calls.
    2. I would love to hear about the area. I am finding it somewhat difficult to find information about schools and neighborhoods. Just would be great to hear about it from some locals!
    Thank you for any information, and please send me a PM if you are more comfortable with that.
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  3. by   scottlgarrett
    I was in the area last November scouting it out because I want a job with IHS in Shiprock, I start in 2 weeks. I cannot speak for the hospital yet but the area is awesome. Farmington is noce and seems to have everything one could want as far as services. Rents in Farmington seem high compared to where I currently live (Tucson AZ). Cortez CO is close by about 40 or so miles from Shiprock NM and is a typical small town, it has a Super Walmart a small hospital and also general basic services. Rents are a little cheaper there. Finally Durango is the farthest away from Shiprock about 75 miles and is by far the best looking city in the area, rents there are some what cheaper than Farmington. I plan to bring my wife and kids there next June after I have had time to find a decent place to live with the best schools I can get. There is also an apartment complex about 1/4 mile north of the NNMC, the rent ther is about 800.00 for a 2 bed apartment which is really high IMHO. The whole area is so cool and I am chomping at the bit to get there. BTW it took me nearly a year to get hired, if your S/O is Native the process should be easier. Good luck I hope I was able to help a bit.
  4. by   noodlehead5050
    So scottlgarrett,

    How do you like it so far? Where did you end up living? I may be working there also but not sure. Any info would be great!
  5. by   scottlgarrett
    I am living in Aztec NM which is a 43 mile drive to the hospital. I like the hospital and the staff, the census is a little low now but everyone is telling me that it will pick up very soon. The staff is probably nicer than any hospital staff I have yet experienced. I totally love the region, there is so much too offer to suit most peoples needs. Personally for me Farmington is too big at about 45,000 people or so. If you are single then rents should not be a problem, but if you are supporting two households as I am then things are more difficult. (I am moving my family up here in June 2012) The hospital is modern, but is beginning to show its age (it was built in the 90's) and will need an update sooner rather than later but over all a nice facility with most modern amenities and ample supplies. I am mostly refering to the Med/Surg unit as that is where I work, but in my foray's to other parts of the hospital the one thing that sticks out most to me is that so far everyone has made me feel very welcome without exception.

  6. by   noodlehead5050
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for answering! I think I will be working there, so I am trying to find a place to live right now. I am thinking Cortez, CO but am having trouble finding places for rent. How is the drive to the hospital? Are the roads good/bad, does it snow alot? Thanks for any info!
  7. by   traine
    Just wondering, we will be working at shiprock hospital and wanted any info in living in the housing quarters, also looking to live in cortez, co. Any info would help.
  8. by   nicoletsosie
    hello i just wanted to tell you a little more about the area. I grew up in upper fruitland and went to school in kirtland which is 30 minutes from Shiprock. In fact shiprock is the hospital i go to for my medical care. I love the staff, their so kind and patient. Lots of military workers i noticed to. Every time i have gone to get medical care the hospital seems to be extremely busy! Locals that go to the hospital know that if you plan on getting medical care there its best to check in and possibly go and do some errands because the wait is that long. I have spent all day in the waiting room just to be seen (literallly 5 hrs). The hospital serves mainly native american patients and medical treatment is pretty much free for them which will explain why its always busy. If you have trouble adjusting to cultural diversity, please dont go to an IHS hospital in any reservation. Our customs are a lot different, in fact read up on navajo culture before hand. Our elders, traditional elders, require a different kind of communication; its not just language, body language has alot to do with it as well as eye contact. Also we believe not only is western medicine we also have medicine men which help us with our mind and body, so no discrimination oni traditional doctors. My father gets mad when a doctor tells him he shouldnt leave all his medical care to tradiational medicine. WRONG. The area of cortez is nice they also have a hospital there but its not IHS. Cortez must be 45 minutes from Shiprock but its a direct drive. Honestly from Durango it must take me 2 hours to get to shiprock. Durango is the nicer of the towns, but it comes with a price, its very expensive! Someone wrote it was affordable, no way! If your single and want a 1 bedroom your looking at 600-900$ for a decent place, but if you have a family and u need a larger house, forget it your looking at 1000-2000$ rent. Not to mention the taxes which they tax u at least 3 times for groceries. Durango is for outdoorsy people. If you like to hike, raft, bike, snowboard,ski, smoke pot, drink or fish its the place for u. I dont live in cortez but have been there many times, its somewhat smaller than farmington but nice. Farmington Really has grown over the last couple of years and i have a couple of nurse friends that work at San Juan Regional Medical Center and i hear they make pretty good there. There are tons of places to rent in the Farmington Area. Honestly i cant really say what u can do in the Farmington Area, although i grew up there i did what every bored teenager did, nothing. Most people in Farmington go to durango or alberquerque for fun. Crime has really grew in the area and theres lots of domestic abuse. There are smaller towns like i said Kirtland which is closer to Shiprock than Farmington, nice place where everyone knows everyone,and waterflow which is basically apart of kirtland. If u have any other questions just ask.
  9. by   smurfy
    Do you happen to know the best apartment complexes in Farmingtonn or Kirtland to live in? I have been trying to find one on the internet but have been unsuccessful so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :spin:
  10. by   nicoletsosie
    Look at farmingtons newpaper, the daily times or look at the thrifty nickel. There are some places to rent in kirtland but not many. Some may not advertise in newspaper. I recently saw nice apartment open up right by san juan regional hospital but i dont know what the apartment complex is called. The town is growing so fast it wouldnt surprise me that rent may be hard to find, their always building housing complexs.
  11. by   smurfy
    Thank you for your help
  12. by   scoope23
    Anybody have any more updates about working/living in Shiprock area. I recently accepted an IHS position at Shiprock as part of a service obligation.
  13. by   gonzoRN
    New Mexico Highlands University RN to anyone currently attending? Or graduated? I'd love to hear some thoughts on the program.
  14. by   Bert RN
    Quote from scoope23
    Anybody have any more updates about working/living in Shiprock area. I recently accepted an IHS position at Shiprock as part of a service obligation.

    How was your experience in Shiprock? I am applying for a 13 week RN job there. They have said they have furnished housing for nurses. Do you know what that is like? ANy info on the Indian Health Service hospital there or the housing would be very appreciated.

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