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Ok, all you NM nurses. How about a roll call? Tell us where you live and what you do. What do you do for fun? Kids, family? How about a potential NM Allnurses meet? Me? I work in Santa Fe... Read More

  1. by   walterrn
    Quote from Ryssa
    Hi all, I'm new on this forum. I'll be turning 40 in a few weeks...where did the time go? Anyway, I graduated from UNM in '93. I spent a year at Lovelace and then went to UNMH. I've had an interesting range of experiences and seem to have settled into Corrections. Physically it's a very very cushy job. Overall, it's also very low stress. Sometimes the ethics of the corrections arena can be disturbing. I would call Corrections nursing's best kept secret.

    Born and raised in NM, lived in Japan for a few years, got divorced, returned to NM and became a nurse. My babies are my four-legged critters. I work nights so I often feel cut off from the rest of the world. I'm very glad to have found this forum.

    Till later!

    Okay, I get it..........Hi Ann..........had to have help to figure out who this was.

    Walter the Nurse
  2. by   Ryssa
    Quote from walterrn
    Okay, I get it..........Hi Ann..........had to have help to figure out who this was.

    Walter the Nurse
    Hi Walter the Nurse. I'm not Ann, I'm Karen. Nice you meet you anyway!
  3. by   L.O.E.N.
    L.O.E.N. = Land Of Entrapment Nurse

    Carlsbad, NM. NMSUC student... planning on BSNing in a bigger school soon... but for now, I'm here in the carlsbad "suburb" Otis! We have a nifty water tower and some alfalfa and my neighbors have smelly horses, cows, and mules. Gotta love NM. (at least it doesn't smell like those dairies south of Las
  4. by   Ryssa
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    hi loen. i have a friend who grew up in loving, nm. another lovely suburb of carlsbad. you're in good company! hope you have a great 4th of july!
  5. by   jessicab
    Hi! My name is Jessica. I am a NICU nurse at Lovelace Women's hospital and I absolutely love it there. The nurses are great and I like the Neonatologists too. I am 31 (32 in August - eek!). I have a beautiful daughter who is 11 and I play piano and sing and watch movies for fun. I graduated from UNM in 2006, was an extern at Presbyterian and and extern at Lovelace before I graduated.
  6. by   Ryssa
    Hi Jessica,

    Welcome to our little list! I think it's been a couple of years since I posted anything. I'm glad to hear you're happy in your position at Women's Hospital. I've had a wide variety of experiences. Currently I'm working in an adolescent prision. I work with the psychiatrists. I'm not really doing much nursing any more. My doctors are great! I'm an independent contractor at the moment....has plusses and minuses. No benefits is a HUGE negative. Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty lucky. My docs are great. Most of my co-workers are great. Don't have to worry about anybody dying. I'm in a position where I can just talk with the kids. There's nothing to manipulate me for so I get the best of them and vice versa. I do miss actual nursing though, quite a bit. Even though I'm not doing much nursing, I sure couldn't do my job without the nursing knowledge and background. We're lucky in our field. There really is a world of opportunities and experiences.

    Anyway, nice to meet you and so glad to hear another happy nurse out there!

  7. by   aerorunner80
    Not sure if this counts or not but I'm a prenursing student working on my req's for my BSN. I've already been accepted into CNM(TVI)'s ADN program but the wait is insane. I will be starting at Pres next Monday as a Nurse Tech II.
  8. by   sugarmae
    Hey..cow manure smells great...raised in Vado(south of Las cruces)now I'm an LPN in Arizona..longing to move back.
  9. by   JBudd
    Live and work in Northern NM, ER nights.
    Widow, 3 kids (2 at UNM), finishing my masters in Nursing Ed this spring, teaching part time at a community college.
    Love to camp, hike, canoe, crochet, read, play with the dogs, take Tae Kwon Do and hang out in AN.
  10. by   jjnRN
    Hello everyone,

    I am also a prenursing student at CNM and intend to apply to UNM for Spring 2010 for the 2nd degree program. I live in Rio Rancho and enjoy the outdoors as many of you have stated. Currently working in the electronics industry but want to do something different and meaningful.