New Grad moving to Albuquerque in December

  1. I will be a new grad moving to Albuquerque this December. Is there anyone out there that can give me any advise on what to expect? I am originally from ABQ and have family there so I really just need advice about nursing. Where should I apply to work? Can I work on a permit or do I have to wait until I get my license? Are any hospitals offering sign-on bonuses? I am coming from NY and have talked to the BON about how to get licensed, but I would like some personal insite.

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  3. by   Azdream'nRN
    Dear Molly,
    The board of nursing in Albuquerque will give you your license the same day that you go in and apply for it. They will give you a receipt, and that is your license until they send you the little plastic card in the mail. You can work the same day.
    As far as places to work go, I am unimpressed with NM, spent several years in Albuquerque and had a far better work experience in Arizona. A lot LESS professionalism and true education in Albuquerque than any place I have ever seen in my entire life. I am 42 years old, and have nursed for 15 years of my life in AZ, Calfornia and New Mexico. My work life in New Mexico was miserable by co-workers, very unprofessional and it is SCARY! Not that way in any of the other places, in any of the other states that I have worked. I have family there too, that is the only reason that I stayed there and put up with all of it. You might get lucky and find a position you like, let me know if you do. As far as hospitals are concerned, I would avoid LOVELACE.
    Good luck to you... if you want to PM me, then feel free.
  4. by   rpbear

    I think you will run into unprofessional people no matter where you are. NM is a very unique place and there seems to be a different "breed" of people there. Not in a bad way, as I said I am origninaly from NM. After living in NY for three years I miss NM so much and can't wait to return. I have a friend that is a pharmacist at Presbyterian hospital and she too told me to avoid Lovelace. I am going to take my time and find the job I want.

    I am still confused on what you said about the license. As I said I am a new grad and am not licensed in any state yet, so do you mean they will give me a permit when I apply, or are you talking about after I take my boards? Sorry for so many questions, but I am new to this.

  5. by   Azdream'nRN
    Hi Molly. Of course that is provided that you pass your board exam, and you're taking it in NY? So take your NY license to the NM Board of Nursing once you pass your board exam and fill out an application & pay the fee, it is around $90, unless it went up lately. You should be able to work in NM soon after without any problem as long as you are board certified in another state.
    As far as this unprofessionalism issue goes, it is not until you have actually worked in NM and other states, and you will well see what I mean, soon enough.
  6. by   rpbear
    I contacted the NM BON and they answered all my questions for me.

    Thank You,
  7. by   nekhismom
    I just went on an all expense paid trip to visit the Lovelace Sandia healthcare systems in ABQ. They have merged lots of hospitals under one system. I was impressed. Know lots of people that are going to sign on and work there. They are offering a bonus, from what we were told. You can PM me if you have any more questions.
  8. by   U_South_Al_RN2B
    I just got back from the lovelace trip also. I'm really considering a move out to NM once I graduate. I'm just nervous that I wont mix with the people there. I didn't notice many young workers in the hospitals. We'll see what happens.
  9. by   rpbear
    Well, I have arrived in NM!

    I found a house and will be moving in next week. After that is is time to contact the BON and begin looking for a job. I am going to check out both Lovelace and Pesbyterian. I will let everyone know how it is going. Thanks to all that responded.

  10. by   nekhismom
    rpbear, how is it going? What did you find out about the hospitals? I'm very interested in finding out!
  11. by   rpbear

    I tried to PM you but I am not sure it went through. My computer was all messed up for a while. Anyway.....I have checked out both UNM hospital and Presbyterian hospital. I decided no to check out Lovelace based on a recomendation from another RN. Aparently they have gone through some major changes and have lost a lot of nurses. I am waiting to hear from both hospitals, hopefully this week. UNMH has an RN residency program where you do 4 month rotaions in 3 different areas of the hospital. It is very popular with new grads. I don't have all the details yet on that program. You can ask ma any questions you have about the area or the hospitals I would be glad to answer them.

  12. by   TraumaNurse

    I worked at UNMH for 5 years and I loved it there. Good friends of mine worked at Pres. Either one is a good bet. I prefer teaching hospitals so I am partial to UNMH. I think the nurse residency program is a good idea if you don't know where you want to work because you can work in several different areas, but it is a long committment. PM me if you like. I miss a lot of things about ABQ but we moved back east to be around family. Looking forward to going back for a visit. Good luck.
  13. by   nilepoc
    For a while, I was Traumanurses boss (later were both the bosses (charge nurses on nights), and didn't see much of each other). He is very correct in stating that UNMH is a great place to work. To the person saying that New Mexico hospitals are unprofessional, I am sorry that you think that. I like to say that they are relaxed. I thouroughly enjoyed working there, and learned a great deal, enough to get into a great CRNA program on the first try. Besides, I am happiest in an unstructured environment, and I would regularly throw out the write ups from individuals making what I deemed petty complaints.

    UNMH has a career ladder program, which can increase your pay up to 5 dollars an hour (over your base, BTW differentials are a percentage of your base, not a fixed amount), and they will even pay for you to take the ccrn exam. Additionally, if you want an advanced degree they will pay for that as well. The relationship between the ICU RN's and the doctors, is very amicable, and is more of a collegue relationship than i have seen on the east cost, where I am now. In fact, I am very happy I do not have to work as an RN on the East coast.

    I left UNM making over 30$ an hour including differential, and was verry happy making it.

    If you decide to go for a job at UNMH, make sure you follow through with the unit director, or the mentor program director. UNM is notorious for not following through on applications, without your vigilence.

    Good luck.
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  14. by   rpbear
    If you decide to go for a job at UNMH, make sure you follow through with the unit director, or the mentor program director. UNM is notorious for not following through on applications, without your vigilence.
    WOW, you hit the nail right on the head with that one! I applied to both UNMH and Pres, and UNMH never called me for an interview. All the units I applied for at pres called me within a week. Needless to say I took a job a Pres. Thanks all for the advise!