LPN job prospects in Abq/SF?

  1. Hello. I'm a new LPN grad from the midwest who's just obtained his NM license so I can move to be around my family - didn't even bother getting licensed in the state I graduated in since it's a non-compact state on top of the fact that I know noone here anymore.

    I've been scouring the job boards and have not found many LPN openings for new grads - most state they want 1-year of experience.. the most-recent job experience I have is as a CNA for the past 1.5 years in LTC.

    I'm moving next month and decided I would wait to apply for any openings until physically settled in NM, but I'm sort of afraid of not finding a job the closer moving time gets. Is anyone familiar with any facilities who hire *new grad LPNs?? thank you in advance for reading.
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  3. by   HouTx
    Santa Fe is actually pretty small, population-wise, and housing is pretty expensive. CHRISTUS St. Vincent is pretty much the only game in town & I don't believe that they hire LPNs in acute care but I could be wrong. They may have positions in ambulatory or clinic areas. You'll probably have better options in Albuquerque.
  4. by   gonzoRN
    The Albuquerque SNF market is pretty desperate for nurses, I personally know of more than a few buildings that have been using agency for a while now. PM me, Ill give you more info.