GCU Applicants for Spring'16

  1. Hi Everyone!,

    I'm just wondering if anyone applied to GCU Nursing Program to start this Spring. Would like to stay in contact with those who did.this is my second attempt so I'm really nervous
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  3. by   ShineBright
    I'm happy you applied again! Sending you good luck!
  4. by   <3LiFE
    Thank you!! How's the program going for you? Do you like it?
  5. by   ShineBright
    It's a lot of work but so far going great!
  6. by   aimee.janell
    Hey! You applied for the Albuquerque campus? I applied for the main campus in Phoenix... got the call that I was accepted last Tuesday, and on Saturday received a letter that I was accepted to a site in Scottsdale that I didn't even know existed. I honestly have no interest to go to a satellite campus in Scottsdale, as I am coming from a huge state university in San Diego and am moving out on my own for the first time. Pretty upset but it doesn't look like I have many other decent options. I hope everything went well for you and that you got into the Albuquerque campus! I went there to take my HESI and it seemed nice.
  7. by   JBudd
    I wouldn't be too upset, Scottsdale is only 12 miles or so from Pheonix.... unless it is the campus itself you are worried about. Nursing schools tend to be a bit isolated on campuses anyway. Arizona is beautiful!
  8. by   <3LiFE
    Hi aimee.janell Congratulations on your acceptance. I did apply here in albuquerque and got accepted! Im super excited and nervous to start. You took your hesi here in albuquerque? GCU has a few campuses in arizona, I'lllbe moving there once I'm done with school! I was a little nervous not seeing any threads now for spring, we start Jan 4th I believe.
  9. by   aimee.janell
    JBudd, unfortunately the specific site is 31 miles and a 35 minute drive away from the main campus. I also am concerned about the campus, since I love the student life I currently have at my university and was hoping to have some of that at the main campus. Thank you for the encouragement, though! Arizona is definitely a beautiful place.

    Thank you, <3LiFE! Congrats on getting in to you as well! Yes, CA schools use the TEAS, not the HESI, so there weren't any locations near me to take it. My best friend lives in Albuquerque so I took it at the GCU site while I was visiting her. And yes, January 4th! I'm so excited to start this next step. Where did you take your prereqs and how did they go for you?
  10. by   <3LiFE
    You shouldve came over here instead. I took all my pre reqs at CNM, I did retake some courses for a better grade, I didnt realize how competetive it was to get in the first time. Did you do all your pre reqs in San Diego?
  11. by   aimee.janell
    Haha maybe Phoenix is a lot closer to SD. Good for you for sticking with it and getting into the program! And yes, I was intending to go through the whole 4 years at San Diego State University... I took all my pre-reqs there for the program, but then they made changes that took probably about 60 seats in the program away from my class. So I'm taking this semester online with GCU to finish their extra pre-reqs that SDSU didn't have.
  12. by   <3LiFE
    That's the thing I hate, that they change their curriculum. I had my heart set on GCU, heard many great things and love that it's a BSN program. I'm very excited for both of us. You'll have to let me know how things are going