1. Hello all my fellow future nurses!

    I will be taking CNM's HESI A2 Exam next weekend and I wanted to ask if anyone on here has already taken it.

    I took the old HESI (without Biology, Chem, & A&P) last summer and passes with a 90% but, unfortunatly I have to take this new HESI (thanks to all the program changes).

    I'm not extremely nervous about the test, I'm just concerned about the new sections.

    So here are my questions:

    1) What books or sites did you use to study?
    2) If you took the basic HESI, did you find the HES A2 difficult?
    3) How in depth should i be studying A&P?
    4) Is there anything you would have done differently

    Please let me know how your experience was. Thank you!
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  3. by   ApricotTea
    Does CNM require A & P on the Hesi now? It was just chemistry and biology last summer when I took it. You will have to take the A&P portion for GCU if you still plan to apply however so do not slack on that A&P! When I took it for UNM/CNM last summer I studied from the evolve book for a few days and also used the Mcgraw-Hill book to supplement the science sections (just in case). I made sure I had a very good understanding of basic biology and chemistry concepts so if it came to it, I could use common sense and good test taking skills to eliminate answers. I did not find it difficult at all and ended up with a 91% overall. A lot of the questions on the science portion of the hesi can be answered with a general knowledge of the subject and common sense!

    It really is basic knowledge and if you look through the evolve study guide I personally believe you should be good to go, especially if you are a good student, which I am sure you are! If you are still concerned, I would suggest skimming any notes you may have from chemistry and biology (that is if you still have them) or utilizing Khan Academy or Youtube to solidify basic concepts. A few of us mentioned in the GCU thread how some of the chemistry questions on the hesi were out there, but reasoning the answers out appeared to work well for all of us.

    I hope this helps you somewhat... I know I rambled a little (a lot actually!) but I can not stress how important it is not to psyche yourself out before you take the Hesi again, if I could change one thing about taking it at UNM, it was psyching myself out for months after reading posts here on AN in addition to the added stress of trying to get into UNM. You have taken it before and did great, go in this time knowing you can and will ace it and you will get a great score again!
  4. by   ShineBright
    Oh I just looked that up. No CNM does not require A&P, THANK GOODNESS!!! Thank you so much for all this great information. Like you said, I'm trying not to psych my self out. I'm going to use the evolve book to study all the basic biology and chemistry. I'm glad to hear that the science portions are not too tough.

    I'm not to happy about having to take another HESI for GCU but I really want to get in like you! It just sucks how competitive nursing schools are out here.
  5. by   ApricotTea
    Yeah I really was not thrilled about having to take the Hesi again for GCU, plus I decided to apply spur of the moment and could only choose a test date that was literally a few days after deciding to apply and meet with S---.

    Long story short, I took A&P over two years ago which was really inconvenient. I was also in my last semester for my psychology degree at UNM back in April and had a ton of homework, etc. In the end I only had 1 day to review the A&P... I ended up with an 84% on that section and was very happy... that was the best I could do with the time I had available but reasoning out answers really did work well because I forgot pretty much everything.

    Another plus to taking the science sections for CNM is that when you take it for GCU you will already know their format and will be familiar with the questions... you can tailor your studying to meet your needs if you need to!

    This whole process is so stressful and it does not help that there are so few nursing programs here in NM, ugh!
  6. by   ShineBright
    I agree, well that is good to know. Wow 84% you go girl lol! That's really good for not having much time to study.

    Talk about stress, I have been trying to get into nursing school for over a year now. CNM's changes make me crazy, UNM is ridiculously competitive and I don't have a 3.9+ GPA. I'm glad the whole registration date thing is over but there are still so many people trying to get into CNM's program. I went to the seminar on campus about the new "dual" program with UNM. There had to be 70 people in the room. It is ridiculous that only 24 people will get into the dual program and only 40 will get into CNM's program.

    I'm just hoping I can get a pretty high score on the HESI so that I can get into one of these programs this Fall.
  7. by   ApricotTea
    Oh I know, I applied a total of four times to UNM, finally got fed up and graduated with a psych degree just to get away from UNM.

    After UNM changed their requirements I applied twice with a 3.57 cumulative gpa and 3.8 science GPA, in addition to the 91% Hesi score and did not get in. Friends of mine who were accepted prior to the semesters I applied had GPAs lower than that so I thought I would get in... nope! Apparently I was extremely, extremely close to the point that the adviser at the college of nursing kept sincerely reassuring me that I would almost definitely get in next time (I actually believed her)...I never got in.

    I was planning on applying to CNM as well, but I got the preregistration form back and because I did not have to take english 101/102 at UNM, I have to go through the process of submitting certain forms to CNM to request to have my english 219 looked at for credit instead, etc., etc. I just took the CLEP exam for GCU to make up for those two classes and am just tired of this whole process.

    I don't even know if it is worth trying to apply to CNM anymore, I'm thinking of just focusing on GCU now because the odds do not seem to be in my favor where CNM/UNM are concerned. The nursing programs in this state are just a little infuriating to be completely honest with the lack of people they admit.
  8. by   ShineBright
    Wow I am so sorry. That is so sad, these people are constantly trying to put hope into the students yet we are still left disappointed semester after semester. I don't understand how they pick students for the program??? I thought high GPA and HESI score was what they looked at but apparently not. At the seminar they stated "If there are more than 24 people that apply for the dual program we will look at GPA & HESI". I'm just like clearly there will be more than 24 so why act like there aren't many people applying.

    I've been looking everywhere in the state to get in but many of the program require a CNA. GCU is where I really want to be but if get into CNM this fall, I'll GO lol! I've also started looking out of the state and their programs are less competitive. Do you know if GCU offers the class that combines Patho 1&2?

    I also looked into SFCC (Santa Fe). It seems to be a pretty good school BUT the program is not continuous during the year. You have summers off so you're in the program for almost 3 years!! I wouldn't graduate until 2017!

    I've also started working on my psychology degree due to the UNM nursing advisor suggesting I have a "back-up plan". I don't really have a huge interest in psychology although. I might start working on some other major...

    NM programs make it hard to still have hope that we will eventually get into the program. Many of the students that finally get into the ADN program are already 6 year students and are out of financial aide.

    Sorry for all the ranting and rambling lol!
  9. by   ApricotTea
    Yeah, the whole dual program thing is a great idea but only 24 spots when hundreds of people will be trying to get in...not promising. I'm beginning to think that there are other factors that they (UNM) look at beside GPA and Hesi. I do know they look at whether or not you are a first generation college student, but there still seems to be something else...

    I wasn't thrilled about switching to psychology from nursing and I found graduating to be completely lackluster because it wasn't the degree I wanted. I would have preferred a degree in Family Studies or Health Education, but psych degrees at UNM are so easy I just went with that. I will say that the advisers over at UC are getting a bit fed up with the college of nursing. One of the advisers I saw went on a five minute rant about the college of nursing and how advisers are getting fed up, they are having to be completely honest with freshman about not getting in, apparently there have been lots of tears.

    I have been looking out of state as well but am about to start a volunteer position that requires a one year commitment and I don't want to have to put my life on hold before I can start nursing school. I really love GCU despite the price tag but I realize that if I were to go out of state, it would cost me twice as much as GCU does so I might as well take advantage of it, it is a good program after all and I like the atmosphere!

    I'm not sure about Patho, you might get more answers in the Arizona forum but most people who get into GCU seem to take Patho through Rio Salado. I will say however that if you have not taken it, do NOT take Patho at UNM, my Patho I and II are what I am sure kept me from getting into GCU this time around. The teacher I had at the time was horrible; she was retiring and just did not care. The class exam averages were always in the low 70s. There is another one now, but I still have not heard good things.

    Wow... I just wrote a novel!
  10. by   ShineBright
    I also spoke to an UAC adviser .... She also went on a huge rant about being blamed for low returns for sophomore year. I felt bad for her but its the college of nursing that is causing all of this. Freshman orientation makes you so hopeful about receiving a BSN in 4 years but they never speak about the low chances of being accepted.

    I was thinking about studying Health Education in the mean time. The adviser suggested Psych because I have taken 3 psych classes and received an A in all three because they were super easy!

    I agree that GCU is a great school! The atmosphere is amazing and different than CNM/UNM. Plus who doesn't want to wear purple scrubs (just kidding!). The staff there are so helpful. I was also able to talk with some of the current nursing students and they stated that they loved the school. The price tag is heavy but I feel the program is worth it.

    I was planning on taking Patho 1 this summer and I ended up dropping it a day before class. I didn't hear great things about the professor. The class seemed way to short (June 2- July 29) for me to really get a good understanding.

    Well thank you much for helping me out and listening to my rambling. Its nice to talk to people who are going through what I'm going to through.

    I wish you luck with getting into nursing school! Maybe we will both get into GCU next spring (fingers crossed)! Don't ever loose your hope and drive to become a nurse. We WILL be accepted when the time is right!

    Thanks Again!
  11. by   ApricotTea
    Hey NurseAlia, I was just curious... you said that you went to the seminar at CNM about the new dual program; what exactly did they go over in regards to UNM's involvement in this whole thing?

    I'm just a little curious because, despite saying that I was going to focus on GCU, I was able to get everything squared away for CNM and am curious about the process they (CNM and UNM) are going to use to figure out who gets to take part in the AASN/BSN program. How exactly do we apply for the dual program, I know that the pre-registration form said UNM would look at and rank potential candidates, selecting who gets to take part in it, but did they mention whether or not UNM would contact those they choose separately, or do we actually have to apply for it when we register for the first semester nursing classes? Sorry about all of the questions I just seem to be getting conflicting information from everyone I talk to and I figured you might know because you went to the info session.

    Ugh, this whole process is so frustrating...
  12. by   ShineBright
    At the seminar the UNM reps said to do the CNM pre-registration form. I believe if you meet all the criteria/pre-reqs for the BSN program, UNM will send you an email to let you know you have been choose for the dual program. The reps mentioned that they will pick from the students that: meet the BSN pre-res completed at time of registration, have the highest HESI scores, and have the highest pre-req GPA. The UNM program will accept 24 students. The student that are accepted will be taking their classes at CNM Rio Rancho.

    The seminar was back in May but from what I remember, UNM will choose from the students that did the pre-screening tool. I do believe that UNM will separately contact you. They said that students would hear back right away on which program they have been accepted in.

    Now that I am thinking about this, I'm getting a little confused. I am wondering if those who received an "UNM acceptance email" will be registering for the same classes as those accepted for CNM's ADN program.

    Let me know what you found out. I was looking for the handouts that were given at the seminar but i cannot find them right now. Hopefully I can find them tomorrow and i can give some additional info.
  13. by   ApricotTea
    Ok thanks. I wasn't told anything specific, just that if we registered fast enough then we were in...that's it. There was no mention of a separate process when I spoke to the advisors at UNM's college of nursing. This is why I am so confused, they made it seem as if everyone would have a shot at the dual program and that's obviously not the case. Now I get to stress out about whether or not I will hear from UNM even though I know I qualify for the dual program... with my luck I probably won't hear from them.

    I was also under the impression that it would take place at main campus...oh well, I guess if I'm lucky enough to get in then I will be commuting an hour to get there. It could be worst I guess.

    I don't think things were done being finalized when I spoke to them, which is why I am so confused and worried.
  14. by   ShineBright
    Hmmm, at the seminar they didn't mention that chances to get in were better if you registered early. This is the first I am hearing of that. They did say that everyone would have a shot but its basically like trying to get into UNM's regular BSN program. You must have the highest GPA and HESI score. The reps at the seminar acted like the dual program isn't going to be very competitive BUT of course it will be.

    The UNM reps definitely stated that the students that are accepted into the dual program will be taking their classes at the Rio Rancho campus.

    It's ridiculous that the program will be starting in just 2 months and the program isn't finalized. When I met with an UNM adviser (the day of the seminar) she told me I was a great candidates to be accepted into the dual program. After sitting in the seminar I realize that all the pre-reqs must be done at the time of registration. Unfortunately I am taking Stats this summer so I cannot start the BSN program this fall. The adviser did apologize to me after the seminar and stated that changes were still being made.

    Don't get your hopes up girl, you still have a really good chance! When did you do the pre-screening? I have unfortunately already been denied for both programs because of my 73% score on the HESI Chemistry

    I have started doing more research on all of the NMNEC program around the state. I will be applying for the other UNM partner schools. Hopefully I will get in to one of these programs!