Best place to work PHS or lovelace job offers at both

  1. Ok here is the deal I am a new grad, graduated in December finally took boards, had interview at Lovelace and PHS with job offers from both, did the whole pros and cons thing still cannot decide where to work. Both are on the same type of unit. Lovelace is starting at 26.11 and PHS is 24.56 no mention of sign on or anything else can anyone help me with other benefits or ideas, or why to work for one or the other please help!!!
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  3. by   misselena
    Congrats on getting offers to both! What a luxury in these times to have to choose. I don't have any advice except that I have heard a few times about Pres' good reputation...but, then again, Lovelace is willing to start you out at a higher rate. Good luck!
  4. by   deltademure
    By now I'm sure your working. If you have time please help out a new graduate. I move to ABQ last month and have been applying like crazy to all hospitals, have not heard back yet. Did it take a long time to receive a call for an interview? Any suggestions?
  5. by   perkygyrl81
    Hi RNEMT,
    Congrats on having options! I recently relocated to Albuquerque and love it! Unfortunately, I am becoming discouraged in my job search. I am a new grad who did very well in school and worked as a CNA during that time. I have passed my boards, but for some reason I can’t get any call backs on my application. Would you mind taking a look at my resume and giving me your opinion. With 2 job offers you could be considered an expert!