Applying to CNM in Feb 2013 and wanting info

  1. Hello all,

    I was wondering for all of you that have applied and been accepted to CNM:

    How many points out of the 9 did you have?

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  3. by   corizrf
    Hi... I was accepted to CNM for the Spring but opted to go to SFCC instead I had 8 out of the 9 points (GPA 3.8, HESI 85).
  4. by   whitescrubs2012
    I was accepted to CNM a while back. I don't recall how many points I was awarded, but if your GPA and HESI scores are impressive, you can feel confident about getting in. As you may know, CNM did away with their wait list about a year ago and changed the admission process so that it's more competitive. The ONLY factors they consider now are your GPA and your HESI. They take the cream of the crop. Good luck!
  5. by   smccloud84
    Thank you both for answering. I have a 3.8 gpa overall, 3.7 gpa for the classes included on the application, and a 90 on the hesi. I am just hoping that this is good enough to get in.
  6. by   whitescrubs2012
    In that case, I wouldn't sweat it! I don't know how much stiffer the competition is since I applied (not too long ago). I had a 98 on the HESI and a 3.8 prereq GPA, so very close to your numbers. I think you'll be in great shape. Have fun w/ it and best of luck!
  7. by   smccloud84
    Thanks whitescrubs! That makes me feel better about my chances.
  8. by   Donoharm
    It is my understanding one has to take the teasV test not the HESIA2 to apply at SFCC. Does anyone have different information that this.

    Has anyone taken the HESIA2 and the teasV did your scores differ much. I have taken the hesi and will be taking the teasV Friday. I did one of the online practice test a month or so back. Tomorrow I plan to take another practice to see if my studying has paid off. Has anyone taken a practice test? Did your score on the practice vs real test have much difference?

    Appreciate any information.

    I too plan on applying at SFCC and CNM. Would love to apply at UNM but need two more prereqs. I have one BS degree so whats "-)
  9. by   Donoharm
    So did you go to CNM or SFCC? How was it? Are you finished?
  10. by   whitescrubs2012
    Hi Donoharm,

    Ultimately, I decided to go to CNM, largely because I had already been living in ABQ for many years, and had other friends in various stages of the program. I figured that nursing school would be a big enough change, w/o moving to another city on top of it. Ultimately, I'm very satisfied w/ my decision, namely because the tuition is unbelievably affordable, and I've met fantastic friends (which has been an unexpected bonus). Lots of us have other degrees and are going into nursing as a second (or third!) career. So, you'd be in good company!

    That said, my brief experience w/ SFCC was totally positive. The administrators I talked with were very efficient, helpful, and organized (not always the case at CNM). The only down-side, as far as I could see, is that clinical locations might be a bit more limited, or might require more travel time. In ABQ, you've got plenty of big hospitals at which to complete your clinical rotations. It's nice to have the variety of experiences.

    If you've heard anything about the CNM program, what you've heard is probably true. Feel free to message me for more info. if you'd like details/specifics. I'm happy to help. I had good friends who prepared me for what to expect, and that has helped tremendously. I'm currently in the program. When are you planning to apply?

    If you're a good standardized test taker, I wouldn't worry too much about the HESI. I didn't study at all and got a much better score than I expected (98). If tests aren't your bag, preparation to boost your confidence/familiarity is probably a good idea so you can ace it on your first try. I didn't go as far as to take the TEAS for SFCC (you're right about that; they don't accept the HESI, just TEAS), but I'd imagine it's very similar to the HESI. Good luck to you!
  11. by   smccloud84
    I have another question. After applying how long did it take to find out if you were accepted or not?
  12. by   whitescrubs2012
    I can't recall exactly how long it was, but I think it was somewhere between 1-2 months. Also, I remember that they told us they'd let us know by a certain date...then rescinded and told us they wouldn't let us know until a few weeks later than anticipated. Be prepared to go with the flow; this is par for the course.