Anyone Doing Accelerated BSN in New Mexico?

  1. I graduated in May 2008 (in California) with a B.S. degree in Biology. I moved to New Mexico after. I just decided that I want to follow my "dream" of becoming a nurse. I will start taking my pre-requisites in Spring 2009. In order to get into University of New Mexico and New Mexico State all that is needed is 3 classes: I will be taking A&P I and II and Microbiology before applying.

    I was told by someone at UNM that acceptance into the accelerated program 30% is based on science pre-req GPA, 30% is GPA of everything else, 10% for being a NM resident and 30% for the essay. I'm pretty sure I will be fine with everything as long and I do well in my pre-reqs. However, I heard of someone who didn't get accepted with a 3.4 pre-req GPA, 3.6 overall GPA and NM resident. I don't know how they did on their essay though. So I'm wondering...Is there anyone on here who got accepted into the accelerated BSN program either at UNM or NMSU? If so, what were your statistcs? I know that volunteering obviously increases your chances of getting in, but what else does?

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  3. by   PsychiatricNP
    I was accepted to both the accelerated BSN program at UNM and NMSU for Spring 2009. I chose to attend UNM for a host of reasons. With regard to the weights that you mentioned being placed on those particular areas of your application, I am not sure. However, I am positive that New Mexico residency, and a committment to remaining in New Mexico as a nurse, is a huge factor in gaining acceptance. I have both a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree. My undergraduate GPA was around a 3.4 and my graduate GPA was a 3.9. I had a 4.0 for my pre-reqs (AP I, AP II, Microbiology). I had also taken additional pre-reqs (Gen Chem I, Gen Chem II, etc.). As a side note, I am a native New Mexican, plan to remain in the state long term and to go on to get an MSN to go the FNP route as quickly as possible.

    I hope that information gives you an idea of just one accepted applicant. I am pretty confident that UNM looks to have a diverse student body in each incoming class. As a side note, if you have a BS in Biology then it is highly likely that you could apply to the traditional BSN program. The traditional BSN program requires additional pre-requisites, but you probably have taken most of them through the course of your BS. UNM accepts 32 students each semester into the traditional BSN and 8 students into the accelerated BSN. Let me know if you need any additional information and good luck!
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    Thanks for replying. I just have another question...What types of volunteer work or paid work did you do to show your "commitment to nursing"? I'm planning on volunteering at UNMH and Presbyterian. But I don't know if this is enough.
    Did you have a CNA? If not, do you know of anyone else entering the program who did? I'm just curious if this would improve my profile...
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    Hi Brella,

    Seriously, no matter what we tell you, you need to apply and see what happens. :wink2: Don't let anything deter or discourage you from applying. There are always intangibles like the interview that can make a big, unmeasured difference. You just can't know. Even if you know how different criteria are weighted, so what? You're not going back to retake courses, or travel back in time to change some life activity, are you?

    From the moment I considered applying, I contacted a student advisor at the College of Nursing. I continually returned to her with questions and sought advice. This way I already had developed someone 'on my side', even if she wasn't one of the decision makers. She was a tremendous help and encouragement all the way through, btw.

    Really by surprise, I got right in. Community college programs were all wait-listed, but I got into the BSN program and finished faster in the end. Go figure.

    I am a graduate of the 16 month 'second degree' or 'Accelerated' track, December '07. I applied with a previous BS in Health Sciences, Magna Cum Laude. I work as a paramedic (still do, along with my ED job) and volunteer in religious activity in my community and on a Search and Rescue team. My wife was a UNM graduate, as one of our kids, and works at one of the National Labs in the area.

    There were 16 of us second degree folks in an overall class of almost 70. Originally, we were supposed to go to school straight through summers, while the 'kids' in the 4 year program would have summers off. That would get us through a little quicker. Right after we started the core nursing program (Junior year for the 4 year student, the beginning for us) they decided to change the program to 16 months straight through for everyone. So, for the core nursing program there was no longer any difference. We just didn't have to do the first two years of university all over again.

    Good luck! Don't sweat what you can't control; it isn't worth the ulcers. Speak with a student advisor and see if you're missing anything that you CAN do.
  6. by   brella
    Thank you for your reply. You are right, I cannot stress over things I can't control. I have a major problem with this and I have given myself an ulcer recently because of this! I basically want to try and do everything in my power to improve my profile. And the thing is that I'm very anxious to start a career in medicine. My fear is that I will spend time working hard taking the pre-requisites and not get in right away. The interview and the essay are two things that worry me because I tend to over stress about things. If I don't get in right away its kind of like "what do I do now"?
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    Brella, sent you a PM.
  8. by   brella
    Thank you for the PM. I can't reply because I'm a new member. But I have been emailing with that lady already. I should go talk to her in person.
    Thanks so much!!
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    If you're working with Ann Marie, you're in good hands!

    Please give her my respects.

    St. Vincent ED, Santa Fe
    Med Flight Air Ambulance
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    hey yall'

    i'm an lpn currently workin in med/surg in deming, nm and have 6 years as a army field medic. i want to continue on to attain a bsn in nursing. does anyone know if what schools offer an lpn to rn or bsn program, if so i sure would be greatful !!!!

    btw my uncle works at st. victims in santa fe either in er or urgent care
    "he inspired my desire to nurse" ... haha
  11. by   Exploretheworld
    I'm not sure if any of this will be helpful to anyone anymore. I talked to the advisors at UNM nursing school and they told me they only accept 6-8 2nd degree students (out of about 45). I am trilingual and had a 3.94 GPA but basically had no healthcare experience. The essay is no longer required so I would think it is mostly based on GPA, science prereqs GPA, and work experience/healthcare experience. For me I had 0 healthcare experience. Though I have friends who were accepted into basic entry with Cs in prereq classes. Really depends. The standards have gone up (used to be 2.5 GPA and now 3.0). Also I'd definitely recommend to anyone reading this to take A & P before Patho, even though A&P isn't required for 2nd degree students. It will be so much easier and you will get better grades to get into the school. You can also take all of the prereqs, and apply to the basic entry program which is less competitive. Although, I'm not sure if it's as hard to get into as people say.

    Also, to answer the question about LVN to RN programs... CNM (Central New Mexico Community college) has an LVN - R.N (ADN) program a friend of mine is in that program. Then UNM also has a mostly online RN-BSN program and I've also talked to people going R.N. to M.S.N. there (requires talking to some advisors, probably). I know this question was posted a while ago but you had mentioned starting prereqs in spring 2009. Definitely apply no matter what... I think it's not as hard to get into as the rumors would indicate. Although, what I'm worried about is finidng a job after I graduated should I go that route (thats the search I did that lead me to post.) I had another friend who had barely above a 3.0 GPA, was deferred a semester but still got in to nursing school. Definitely worth applying and good luck! If not, CNM also has a program that is an ADN program. There is a long waiting list, but all you need to apply is to get a high enough GPA in the prereq programs (not sure what it is) and then you are on a waiting list to start.
  12. by   jobo.84
    UNM nursing school is actually a very poor institution. Their NCLEX passage rates is in the low 70%, where nation wide for BSN programs it is well into the 90%. That is horrific. The program thrusts a lot of junk tasks that have little to no value. The UNM program provides very bad prep for the NCLEX and for nursing in general. It is likely one of the worst BSN programs in the nation either statistically speaking or from content. It is a "busy work" school lacking any form of substance. The school ought be avoided; many of the community colleges offer a better overall education. It is a rather pompous and ineffective school...and I know as an unfortunate graduate of the place. Avoid! And, I did attain the accelerated BSN. It was a waste of money.
  13. by   ugoumeh
    thanks for the head up jobo.84
  14. by   jobo.84
    avoid UNM. the school is a joke. crappy facility and instruction. the local community college is much better location for nursing instruction. by the way UNM has one of the worst nclex passage rates in the nation for bsn programs. it is crap.