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New member with severe anxiety r/t NCLEX

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by carmen9234 carmen9234 (New Member) New Member

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Hi all,

My name is Carmen and I am 6 months away from finishing nursing school and facing the dreaded NCLEX.

I have been doing pretty well in school but have had this ongoing issue with ATI content based computer testing. I suffer from severe test anxiety. My question has to do with test preparation.

I was wondering if any of you can give me pointers on getting ready for the test and what if any preparation courses you used? I have heard that Kaplan is good but there seems to be quite a few others. I am so confused and the anxiety is really increasing.

Any help or information would be appreciated.




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Hi Carmen,

I just passed the NCLEX-RN last tuesday.I'm a foreign nurse and i've been away from nursing for about 14 years.

What i did was i studied on my own,no classmates or instructors to ask. Like you, i was so nervous about the examination especially the first time i read the sample questions (they were all new to me).Just relax & stay focus on what they're asking even if you've never heard of it.

Keep on answering sample questions as much as you can and you can learn the strategies. I used the online review course of Saunders together with the book.I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a good review material.And a bonus at the end of the review course is the CAT where you can gauge your knowledge.

Goodluck on your graduation & the boards.

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