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Hey there! New member on here, but I have been a long time creeper on these forums. I am in the final phases of the EC ASN program. All of my GE courses are finished and I have already passed Transition to RN and Health Safety. I have been a paramedic here in Georgia for 7 years and I have worked at a hospital where medics get to practice full scope in a RN/Medic team. I Look forward to sharing information with any fellow students. Quick question though for anybody in the know-how in Georgia. I am very aware of the Ga BON situation with EC. I live in northern Georgia, so NC and TN are less than a 1 hour drive for me. I plan to take boards for Tennessee. Being that GA did not accept any EC grads in 2009, then changed to requiring precepted hours in 2011, has anyone heard any talk of the GA BON making any changes again? I am not fond of the preceptorship program because I have heard that only one hospital in Macon is offering it and there may be large fees and waiting lists. Good luck everyone!

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I haven't heard of any upcoming changes, no. But you'll be glad to hear that I was able to endorse my license into Georgia without an issue after working several years as an ER RN. :)


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That's good to know. That will most likely be the path I take.