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New LVN program - Concorde

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I currently passed my entrance exam for Concorde College in CA , and I would start school sept 2 if i continue with the admissions process. I was wondering if any one can give me some feed back about this school like there experience? Did they have a hard time finding a job? OR being able to transfer your credits to become an RN because yes eventually i would like to do that. Im 25 years old and decided to do a trade school because its faster and I am older and I work part time. It just seemed like the easier route going to a community college honestly seems way to long for me.

Thanks guys :)

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I moved your thread to the LPN/LVN forum where you should get more response.

Hello I am starting concorde monday july 7th lvn program. I went to concorde for MA back in 2005. The fact that I returned says a lot. Staff and instructors are great. They have a really good tutor program called lamp lighters. When I graduated from there in 2005, I didn't have a hard time at all finding work. In fact once I gained experience at a radiology clinic, I was able to land a job at the county hospital. When I asked the admissions rep about my lvn credits transferring, she said yes concordes credits are transferrible as long as the school will take them. So its dependant on the school u go to for your RN. Concorde has the highest nclex pass rates of all the trade schools in southern ca so that also made me go back to them. Best of luck to you! Which campus are u going to? I'm going to the san bernardino campus.


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From teaching a LVN program at a private school, I can tell you that it's pretty fast paced. Nursing school is what you put into it. Another thing is you will hear a lot of negativity about being from a private school. Your general ed credits won't transfer unless you get an associate degree. With a LVN you only get a diploma. Your LVN license will take off about a year off the RN program bridge at a public college. Good luck!!