New LVN graduatiing in August.. Have questions!



I will be graduating from LVN school August 12th. I have already registered for classes starting August 29th that are the rest of my pre requisites for a generic BSN program.

My question is where are there jobs for new grad LVNs in Houston or Beaumont and the surrounding area? Whats the pay like?

Another question I have is since I am already planning to continue my education, will that look good to future employers, or will it be more of a nuisance to them making them not want to hire me because I will be in school Tuesdays and Thursdays?! Any info would help me greatly! Thanks!:uhoh3:

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The nursing job market is tough for new grads in Houston at the present time. I do not know about the job market in Beaumont and other surrounding cities.


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Hey there! congrats on your graduation! I will be graduating Aug 12th as well! I recommend trying a nursing home...I hear there is a great demand for lvns in that type of setting and according to one company that went to my school recently to advertise, they pay as well as $18/hr with benefits and vac time. If you are taking classes I'm sure they will work with your schedule if they really need you..

I am also interested in continuing my education but I am soo confused in what to do next :(