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New to LTAC


Hello ladies!

I just found the the LTAC space.... I looked because I just accepted a full time position at a LTAC hospital- they have a floor in a hospital.

I am nervous because all my experience is in sub-acute rehab & wounds. They offer a great orientation- 3 months with the option of extending if needed! (I have been a nurse for three years). I just gave notice last night at my current job-- 3 weeks, then two days off for myself than orientation begins! My coworker is also starting at the same time so that is helpful! He is friends with the charge nurses on nights (our new shift) and he gave my name which is how I got the interview!

Is is there anything I should review? I plan to review acid/base balance because of the vent patients, but I want to be proactive!

Thanks is for any advice, ideas!


Once you start orientation, you will know what things you need to review. I doubt you will have your own patients for the first 2 weeks. You will also probably have to complete many classes over policy and procedure that will give you a good review on basic things.

LTACs usually have tons of wound care patients so your wound care background will help you. Also working in sub-acute rehab teaches you how to work under pressure and time management skills, both of which are needed in LTAC

Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

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Congrats on the new position!

Your wound care experience will be a great asset! The LTACH I worked in had a ton of wound care pts--pressure ulcers (sometimes 4 stage IVs on one pt), burns, Fourier's gangrene, surgical site complications, etc.

I would read up on "chronic critical illness," basic vent settings, sepsis, and delirium.

Let us know how the job goes!

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CONGRATS! You are going to learn a TON! Brush up on vent settings, dialysis, care of a trache, chest tubes and lab values. Do they have monitored beds?