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The news was exciting: "You have been accepted into the spring 1999 nursing program." I was thrilled! But at the same time feeling scared to death. I keep hearing about how tough nursing school is--heresay is that during the first two weeks of class, the first semester students had to cover 19 chapters in a textbook. (At that rate, I think I'll need a speedreading course) How much of that can really be absorbed in two weeks??! For those of you already in an LPN program, can you give me some insights on your own experiences during your first semester of nursing school? Is it really as stressful as everyone says? Thank you for your input! Sincerely, "Nervous Newbie"

Don't get all worked up now!!! (Wait until classes start) I'm a 5th quater LPN student and yes it is a lot of hard work but you can do it. Remember stay focussed and pat yourself on the back for every accomplishment thus far. You are not going to be able to recall everything in those books but look for those items critical to the safety of your patient. You instructor will quickly point them out. Just smile =).

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Hi there. I am a freshman nursing student now moving on to my second semester. I am in an associate degree RN program. Although I am not in the LPN program I do know about the school stress. The first two weeks in my first semester in college we were tested on 25 chapters of information. I thought that I was never going to make it, but I did. I finished my first semester with a 3.08 and I had 18 plus credits. I did not read that much in my books. What I found out worked welll for me in my program was taking good notes in class and studying from those. I wish you the best of luck. If you want you can email me at [email protected]

Good luck,

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Hey nervous newby!!!

Just calm down!! Just kidding. I can relate to what you are going through. I am an LPN, (graduated in June 98) and I am completing an LPN-to-RN bridge program, in May 99. It was tough, but honey, it was worth every studying-nailbiting-note taking minute. I enjoyed my LPN program, but it was hard. I went 11 months, and my RN program is even shorter (10 months). Nursing school is tough at times, but I wouldn't trade professions for ANYTHING!! My advice is:

1. Study hard.

2. Take good notes during lecture.

3. Seek out new and exciting experiences in clinical...for this will prepare you when you are a LPN.

4. Seek advice from other nurses when you are unsure about school, lecture, clinical, or just need support from someone who's "been there".

5. Always remember you are just as much a part of the healthcare team as the doctors, professional nurses, or other technicians, don't let anyone make you feel as if being a student means inferiority.

6. Ask questions and seek out learning experiences.

7. Take care of yourself, and get plenty of rest.

Welcome to the nursing profession. Congratulations !!




I too am a new student in my 4th month. I went into this program claiming a vs from the bible still holding onto it," I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGHTENS ME".

I believe this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Since Aug. we have finished 4 books and probably taken 100 - 125 test. Now let me tell you I am nearly 40 y/o. If I can do this anyone can. I have been out of school oh 22 yrs. And I have wanted to be a nurse since the 7th grade. I always felt a fear to do this. It is tough but you can do this. Don't let fear rob you of something you want.

Not that I am old old but I should have done this 20 yrs ago and I would have all this behind me but no I had to let fear (and money) get in my way. I feel like you it is all so fast and I feel like I am not retaining it since it is so fast. But when you get out in clinicals you will see how much you do know. I am on my 2nd rotation now. I just started at the hospital Tues.

It is very stressful for me but I am making it.Just relax and you will do fine. I am down to 23 weeks. It will be over before I know it. I am hoping to bridge over into RN school. My passion is to either work with the elderly or cripple children, thats where my heart is. Just remember to put one foot in front of the other with your chin high. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You go girl!!

Hi there!

Congratulations on your exceptance to your school's nursing program. I, too, just started an LPN program 3 weeks ago. Our program runs 11 months. I have the following advice for you, it has really helped me with the tests I have taken so far and in the Anatomy class I took last semester.

1) Right key points and vocab on note cards and read them just before you go to sleep. In the half hour before you go to bed, you have a high retention level and most of the items will be stored in long term memory.

2) If your prof takes time to photocopy something and hand it out, you can be sure that she/he thinks it is very important. Study this hard.

3) Remember that they are trying to make sure you can think like a nurse more than they are concerned that you have memorized a list of rules. Example...Profs will probably not ask you to list the common errors in writing a Nanda nursing diagnoses, but they will expect you to recognize an error or poorly written diagnoses when you see one.

4) Play Hard and Rest Hard on your days off.

I try to keep Friday's to myself since my program runs 29 hours a week Monday-Thursday.

Keeps me sane. Ha Ha! Remember, learning how to care for others doesn't mean that you neglect your own needs. Email me if you want to chat!


Stephanie K~

Rattled future nurse..

I am in my sixth month of a ten month LPN program. The best advice I can think to give is-DON'T GIVE UP. It is not easy, that is just the truth. Don't lose sight of your goal to graduate and be the best LPN you can be. It is easy to get down on yourself, I still do it. Good luck and feel free to email me! Cindy

Hi, I just found this neat web site today, and your message caught my eye. I have 8 weeks to go in my LPN program, and if I can do it than anyone can. I had been out of school for twenty years when I started and you talking about scared. I have already signed up for summer classes starting in June(I graduate here in May) to work on an RN license. I love it, and you willtoo. It is so hard, It requires studying every night. The best advice I can give is to read all your reading assignments ahead of time so you know what is going on in class, and take good notes. I even recorded the hard classses like Pharmacology. You can't wait until the last minute and cram for a test, there is too much information. Hang in there, and e-mail me for any help that I can offer. It won't be long until you willbe saying that you have only 8 more weeks!


Congratulations on being accepted into your nursing program. I am an RN who started out 3 years ago in an LPN program. I came into the program as a 30 year old male with a backgroud in business management. I was scared to death, but I knew being a nurse was what I always dreamed of. During the twelve months that I worked on getting through the LPN program, I worked as a third shift phlebotomist. The stress was overwhelming, I was having to provide for my wife and daughter, but I also knew if I quit that I would never return. I made it through LPN shcool, then took a bridge course for my RN. Believe it or not I found that my LPN training was a lot harder and more condensed that that of my RN program. So hang in there, and take it from somebody who's been there, it is worth it.

p.s. I am now working on my BSN.

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