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NEW LPN graduate needs help finding job!! please help me

by suavis583 suavis583 (New) New

HI everyone

I just graduate from LPN school in CT. I passed the board and I'm very happy so far.

However, I cant find jobs anywhere. It's been a month since I applied for a job and none of places hiring right now. I don't know what to do. I even trying to apply in new york.

Is there place where you can recommend for me?

Thank you very much!

Faeriewand, ASN, RN

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Good luck with your job hunting! My nursing instructors all tell us to continue with school while we are looking for a job because it looks good on your resume. Continuity. no gaps to explain. :)


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Hello dear frend,

Sad to hear you cant find a job. The economy is tough at this time but hoepfully its going to improve by the end the year or begining of next year. In the meantime check out yahoo hot jobs. They have good job postings. You have to log in to your yahoo before you can access hot jobs. You can also post a basic resume online. Have your references ready in case they call you. Good luck!

Ebra. LPN SN

This may sound odd, but ask your instructors from school which hospital system handles the prisons. They are usually big hirers, the pay is very good, and the job not as "scary" as it sounds. I believe its largely medication dispension driven - i.e a med nurse. Might be worth a shot and if you can find one and get some experience you will be much closer to getting a job that you prefer. Hope this helps!


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Did you try craigslist? I just looked it up and I saw a posting that takes new grads. I'm in SoCal, however. I don't know about CT.