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New Jobs are so hard :(

Has 7 years experience. Specializes in MICU, neuro, orthotrauma.

I was so excited about starting a new job. I loved my old one, but really want to learn more, and this job offered me training for ACLS as well as preparing me for ICU. I've been on the floor for two weeks now and the getting to know you phase is really wearing thin. There are many nice people, but there are some truly wretched ones as well. At my old job, I have already traversed this terrain and I like all of my coworkers. At the new job, there have been several people who have been flat out rude to me, including a couple doctors and a nurse practioner and a fellow nurse as well!

I am thinking of going back to the safety of my old unit. I won't be trained in ACLS on my neuro unit, but I could eventually go to NSICU or MICU at the hospital. I was impatient and wanted change right then and so I jumped to a new hospital. I feel like a quitter. Maybe I will adjust as I did to my last unit, but maybe not. People have been on my new unit for ten years, some. So it can;t be all bad. I am torn. I want to be safe again. Can people who have gone through this tell me what happened? Is my gut instinct right to up and leave this new situation? Or am I just being chicken?

Give it time, you never know if it happened to be that you started during times other than the holidays, people might not be as stressed and it would have been a totally different experience.


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It's always scary starting a new job; my suggestion is you be really kind to yourself and give it time. Hang in there!

You will run into rudeness. Sometimes from the nicest people where ever you go. Some times it is all in how you are receiving it. Sometimes they are stressed.

SOME TIMES THEY HAVE NO CLUE AS TO HOW NEW YOU ARE TO THIS AREA OF NURSING. Some things we take for granted that every nurse knows just because we have been doing it for so long. Yet it is NOT common knowledge outside our area of speciality or unit. This causes rudeness to no end in some folks. They look at you like you are an idiot, because they think you should already know this.

Ask questions. Admit your lack of knowledge and experience ask for help and patience. If the majority of staff are jerks that is another story but if most of the people are not outrigth rude and you want to do this type of nursing then stick with it.

jodyangel, RN

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Yeah I hear ya girl. I'm in a new job too and hating the "being the new nurse" on the floor part. I've been there many times tho, so I know its just something you have to give time to. In time, you will feel more comfortable and they staff will come around. It sucks being new!!! But know you're not alone.

geekgolightly, BSN, RN

Has 7 years experience. Specializes in MICU, neuro, orthotrauma.

Muchos Gracias to all of you.

I worked a couple more days recently and feel more comfortable. No one yelled at me, I got a few nice compliments on my work and knowlege (outside of cardiac nursing of course!) and attitude. For the most part, this unit is lovely. The nurse manager is so wonderful, but being chewed out by a few people in one day can shake my bones. I appreciate this support. :thankya:

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