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So, I want to buy a house in a different town, but in order to close on the mortgage, I have to have a job in the new location. I drove there today with my resume and a plan to stop at every place I could think of and shake hands with anyone in HR and leave them my resume. First place I stop at is a rehab/LTC facility (this is what my experience has been in as a floor nurse). I meet the DON and the Administrator. They ask me if I want to remain a floor nurse or am I interested in other areas. Of course, I was open to any position they needed filled - how can I help you?

They need a MDS coordinator for the LTC unit. I admit, I didn't even know what MDS stands for or what they really do. I am quickly finding out! The interview and tour went well, I think. They are willing to train. I would love to do something other than insert suppositories and give pain pills! And honestly, I am almost 50 years old and my knees are killing me after an 8 hour shift on the floor. Ibuprofen has been a good friend. The idea of a job that is mostly at a desk and attending meetings is really appealing. Only about a mile from the house I want to buy. And here I thought that careplans I learned about in nursing school were so out of date and I'd never have to do them! But they do look a bit different now!

I will be reading all of these old posts over the next few days in order to learn more of what I may be getting into. Any help from everyone would be greatly appreciated! Cheat sheets, tips and tricks, daily chore lists, etc.

We didn't really talk about money. Just hours, schedules, call schedule, etc. I just hope the hourly pay (not salary at this place) is what I need to close on my mortgage! Anyone willing to share what they make to give me an idea what to expect? I know that it varies by area, but doesn't it pay more than a floor nurse in LTC?


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Not really any much MORE pay benefit than regular floor nurse in places I've worked. Money has always been driven usually by experience, esp in the area of expertise.

Negotiate for what you can but be careful not to overprice yourself.


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Perfect job for a mature nurse like yourself. I'm 59 and did the job about 15 yrs ago x 3 years; left and went back to acute care. Now I'm back at MDS and will stay FOREVER!!! Please ask how many residents you will be responsible for, don't agree to float out to the won't have time & keep reading the posts.