New job


I have been an RN since 2007, working in the same hospital at night. And I just got a great opportunity working from home in a nurse call center for a major health insurance company. The hours aren't flexible. But, even if hospital is hard 12 hour long shift, I do love my job taking care of angels (NICU babies) ..Working from home I will get paid $1 extra per hour but no night differentials.

I am just a bit tired of night shift.

Miami is so competitive that if I leave my hospital job I may never get it back if I want to go back.

Has anyone been in this situation before?

I am not sure if I should quit my hospital job for the unknown. I've been waiting for a dayshift position since 2 years ago and no openings

Specializes in SICU, trauma, neuro. Has 16 years experience.

Could you remain prn/per diem/casual at your NICU job to keep your foot in the door and keep your NICU knowledge fresh? Personally I'd go batty working inflexible hours from home, but whether you'd enjoy it or not -- and just how old the noc shifts are getting -- is something only you can answer.

No current PRN positions. I will probably stick with it and see how I do & if it's stable enough