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Hi all,

I am a new grad. I passed the NCLEX exam Sept 24th. I went on an interview last week and landed a home care nursing position! I understand it will be challenging as a new grad. However, I feel with the appropriate support, I will learn a whole bunch. For all seasoned home care nurses, what would you suggest I do to prepare for home visits on my own? I was thinking about coming up with cards/notes on most chronic illnesses highlighting key assessments so I don't miss anything.

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Let us know how it's going, I myself am trying to get into Home Health and been applying to different jobs but no call backs yet. I think HH would be a lot less stressful than my busy PCU/Medical-Surgical floor and rewarding. Did you apply to private companies or hospital branches of HH? I'm not sure where to start the job hunt exactly.

Thanks & good luck!

Decide if you prefer to work in hospital based home health. If that is the case, you would probably need to go there to apply. Otherwise, I find hh jobs by going to the employment websites and seeing which home health agencies are currently running ads. I go to those places first and if I can't get full time work from any of those, I just start going to each agency, in turn, from a list of local hh agencies. You can get a list from a phone book, an internet search, or from the website of some kind of agency that lists these agencies.

Congrats! I am in a similar position where I received job offer to do home health, and am myself a new grad as well. It would require me to relocate to that area, which is far from my home and friends.

There is indeed a lot to learn with any new job. Do you think it is better to hold out longer for a hospital job or gain experience as a HH nurse and use that experience to get your foot thru the door?