New job struggles


I have recently started a new job in preop- great hours, staff, etc but I am so nervous about starting ivs!

I am doing well keeping up with all the demands of the job with the exception of my iv starts. We typically do 4-6 starts and I am only successfully starting 1-2. I know this will be a huge issue off orientation. What can I do to get better?

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The only way to get better is to keep trying- honest! Ask for tips and help of course, but just keep at it. honest

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It gets so much easier the more you do it! I sucked at IVs a few months ago; now I'm teaching the new nurses on our unit how to put them in. Be patient with yourself, seek feedback, and incorporate advice whenever possible. One thing that helped be was taking the time to just examine an IV catheter and practice the motion of sliding it in at the point of seeing blood return. Once I gained dexterity in that, everything else kind of fell into place for me.