New Job, school, and wedding all in one year? Overwhelmed


I am in the middle of planning my wedding and my dream job calls me and I accept, but before the job offer, I applied to a bridge program that is difficult to get into and was recently accepted! Now I am stuck on not knowing what to do. I have waited 6 years for my dream wedding, waited 2 years for my dream job, and waited 3 years to get accepted in to a bridge program! This school's acceptance rate is under 40%! I don't know what to do...

Side notes, work schedule will be 12 hours shifts overnight...I am trying every which way to fit both of them into my schedule but the truth is I might have to drop one eventually. Unless they will allow me to work weekends but being that I am going to be a fairly new employee when school starts in August, that might not happen, And the wedding venue is already booked. Insight would be greatly appreciated. Any advice? Please help!

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I cannot imagine any difficulty in working extra weekends . . . although the new job may have mandatory classes that you must attend during the week. Will you be through with orientation before you start school? And the wedding -- presumably they gave you that time off before you took the job . . . that's just one day. It would be ideal if you had enough time off afterward for a honeymoon, but if you had to, you could wait and take a honeymoon later. You said your venue was already booked, right? If it weren't for that (and possibly anyway) I'd just get married in the park and have a big family party and forget all the wedding nonsense. What's really important is the marriage, not the wedding. Admittedly, some folks are more entranced with the wedding part of it than me.

Just deal with one thing at a time, and then deal with the next thing. Yes, it's going to be crazy. But it's a good crazy, right?


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Thank you for your insight I greatly appreciate it!

Job starts in a week and school starts in August, wedding is next year in May. I almost thought about postponing school until next year August but I would be afraid to lose my spot! I am hoping that my new employer will be wiling to extend a Friday, Saturday, Sunday schedule. Being a newbie, I am almost positive no one wants that shift anyways. This bridge program is in the morning and has a set schedule. Worse case, school comes first right? Thanks Ruby Vee! Any pointers on how to handle the load? I already feel like I am going to lose my mind! lol


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If you were my daughter, I would tell her this.. (Cliff notes version)

Don't ever sacrifice your future for a party.

The party is a year away, hire someone to gather and bring you the details to choose from. Restrict those choices and accept that it will be lovely and full of love if not painstakingly exactly as envisioned.

There is 3 mos to complete orientation and get on your feet at the new dream job.

You're not juggling kids, school will be doable.

Your manager and coworkers will love you as they have with every other job and the schedule will work out.

Don't complain to your fiancé, men's needs are not complicated but be sure to make time for him.

You're young and resilient, you can rest next summer.

You're amazing and you can do this.