new job.....risking my certification?


I'm a CNA just got hired to work at a LTC as an Activity Assistant/CNA with dementia/Alzheimer pts. I was oriented for 2 days and start next week on my own. My job's patient ratio is 1:15 pts . I will be doing activities and there are 2 coffee breaks that I make coffee for pts . I have experienced things that made me question if this job is a good fit. this place has a 97% rate of falls which is not good. I experienced a patient attacking another patient while I had to prepare coffee for 18 pts and I noticed that I may be risking my cN.a certification. it was complete chaos. that could have been a fall and they are big on trying to prevent that since they are high percentage for falls. i need to watch the other pts but this one pt kept attacking other pts. then you have the calm pts getting mad and wanting there coffee. i talked the activity director about my mixed feelings and gave it to her saying i will not risk my certiciation unless i get an extra hand during my coffee times with patients because falls can happen and i don't want to be the blame for it. plus my word against the "surveillance camera' and there is not way for me to document the situation?? she said that is a good idea and hopefully when i am on my own next week , i will see improvement..also, since i am on my own i asked the activity assistant who will relief me for my 10min breaks since every 8 hours must get 2 10min breaks..she said i had to find someone anyone and ask "informally" huh? im not complaining but yes my gut feeling ...i suppose i a studying for the boards and don't expect to be here too long anyway. what are yourthoughts? also have you tried validation therapy with these type of patients? thanks :)


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This doesn't answer a lot of your questions, but if there is no place for you to chart that the facility will store, you need to get your own notebook and keep your own records. The whole point of charting is to cover your butt if something happens, so if your facility is not looking out for you, you need to look out for yourself.