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Hi all,

I finally got a call today from the facility I applied at, she said my background check and reference check went well and asked if I could come for orientation tomorrow! I am so excited..... but, I have never done any of this before. I am 31 with three kids and worked for a restaurant for 15 years until it closed a year ago. I am still a little surprised that they did not request an interview.

I am a little scared because I do not know what to expect at orientation. I will be per-diem, which is exactly what I want due to nursing school and kids. I am just so excited about my very first health-care position.

If anybody can give me an idea of how orientation, and training work at a LTC facility I would really appreciate the insight :)

Thank you all in advance!

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well I work at an ALF but I think they are similar enough where I can offer advice lol :) Your facility, like others, probably has a very high turnover rate so maybe that's why they were lax with regards to giving a thorough interview..that happened to me; they usually give 2 interviews, but I just had one & was hired on the spot. 5 others were hired at the same time as me (back in May) and now a couple of months later, only two of us remain lol. Anyways regarding orientation, the first couple of days will probably be video watching, reading pamphlets, and filling out paperwork. Then its time to move onto the floor! And that's where the excitment begins. You'll probably shadow someone who has been at the facility a while, there you learn about the residents, the routine, things you'll have to do during your shift. Good luck & congrats on your new job :)

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I'm really surprised they didn't interview you. That's weird...

Orientation usually consists of watching a TON of videos and taking quizzes on them. You'll also have to fill out a lot of paperwork (the same stuff you have to fill out for any job). You should have a physical and a TB test and a free HepB vaccine- they'll probably sort that stuff out for you too. And you might get a tour of the facility. I got a tour during the interview, I was hired on the spot, and if I remember correctly they made me get the physical before I started working.

I got a lot of training on the job- 2 weeks- but according to other posts in this forum it's common to only get a few days of shadowing someone. It'll be really hard when you first start working by yourself- it's kind of a sink or swim thing- but it gets easier after about a month. Just remember everybody is slow and makes mistakes at first, everybody talks behind everybody's back (don't take it personally, or try not to anyway), and the CNAs will warm up to you eventually. Good luck!


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Thank you both so much for your help!

I am just so nervous, I guess I should save my nervousness for when I am alone huh? :)

It does not help that I go for orientation as soon as I finish my Mirco final this morning. NERVOUS!!!!!

Hopefully all will go well, on one hand I am just so grateful to get a healthcare job and on the other hand I am a nervous wreak..... At clincals we had only 3 total cares at a time and I still cannot fathom how it all gets done in the real situation. I guess I will learn. (I hope)

again, thank you both so very much, I will post back later and let you know how it all went :)

Have a great day :)

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Don't worry, you'll be fine! Fuzzy is right on the money..after you've been there a while, it will be alot easier. How big is the facility where you'll be working?

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