New job offer- Stay or go?


  1. Do I keep my old job or accept the new job?

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      Stay still- don't rock the boat !
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      Stay thirsty- get that experience!
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      Both sound great- either way is a win

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I am and FNP student currently working in an ASC. I love my job and my coworkers. Our old boss got a new job as the director of a new ASC and she has asked me to be her preop/PACU clinical manager. The pay is roughly 3000 more/yr (salary position). I currently work 7-1530, no nights or weekends or call. The new position has the same operational hours, but as salary I have no real set schedule other than being available during operational hours. My main concern is when I start clinicals in November. The old job says I can go to 4 days a week (but that is less pay). I can leave the new job whenever cases are done and my money wont be affected, however, I could be forced to stay late as well if cases run over.

Other comparisons:

I have 15 months until I am fully vested in my 401k at my current job, they have 6% matching. The new job only matches 3%. They both have the same amount of tuition assistance, and there is about a 5-10 minute difference in commute. My current coworkers are amazing. The new place doesn't have any staff yet, but I would get to pick my staff with my boss. The new position looks good on my resume. The old job was pedi, the new job is adults and peds.

I have to decide by Friday.:nailbiting: