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Im waiting to hear back from a hospital I interviewed with, to see if I have gotten a position or not (CNA). I should know by Wednesday. If I got it, orientation is the 18th of Dec. Is there a good chance I'd have to work on Christmas? Im not sure how it works as far as orientation being so close to Christmas, how far in advance the schedule is made, and how long after orientation till you start working. Im just trying to plan accordingly

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There is really no way to other than to ask your prospective employer. In my hosptial, you would probably NOT work Christmas itself because you would still be on orientation -- and we wouldn't want to pay time-and-a-half to someone who was not carrying their full weight. But there is no guarantee that your new employer will feel the same.

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Thats true. And the manager said they make the schedule a month in advanced so the schedule is probably already made for Christmas, or will be within a few days. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean I wont have to. I guess Im getting ahead of myself. I haven't actually been offered the job yet


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When I started my NA job it was around labor day and since I was in orientation I wasn't even allowed to sign up for the holiday because they will not pay time and a half for employees who aren't on their own. You probably won't be working but I wouldn't get used to it. Now that I am off orientation I am working all the holidays since I am new.

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Im definitely accepting the fact that Ill have to be working holidays. Part of the nursing life. The manager said we have to work one major and one minor holiday a year. Im not sure what counts as major and minor but Im sure it will all work out. Its not like Ill be at work for 24 hours

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Guess it doesnt matter now. Just got an email. I didnt get the job