What type of supplies will we need?

  1. I, like many of us will be starting nursing school in the Fall. I wanted to know what supplies will be most helpful. Any organization tips? Are rollerbookbags better on the back? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Berta
    Must haves include: 4 inch binders, tons of index cards 3 1/2 by 5 and the really big ones too, yellow highlighters, calculator, black pens, stapler, hole punch, medical dictionary, drug guide, watch with a second hand, at least two clinical uniforms, comfortable shoes for clinical, and a nursing process book.

    Nice to have include: tape recorder & tapes, rolling back pack, white out, xtra printer cartridges, computer, plenty of computer paper, bookshelf just for nursing stuff, stethoscope, penlight, RNotes notebook, and extra set of clinical scrubs to keep in the car for when pt pukes on you.

    My personal favorites: huge bottle of Tylenol, even bigger bottle of Tums, extra copies of blank care plans, plenty of cooked ahead meals in the freezer, backup babysitter, gas cards (the distance to your clinical site is in direct proportion to the amt of miles per gallon your car gets. The less miles per gallon your car gets, the further away your clinical site will be. ) roll of quarters for pay phone, lunch bag to bring food from home, colored pens and markers for making notes, and a special spot to study away from school and family.

    Good luck, Berta
  4. by   RNsweetie
    I could not have said it any better Berta!! thanks for the laugh and how true you are!
  5. by   fnimat1
    Thank you....I have made a list of everything you posted. Thanks again.

  6. by   Groovydogg
    If you can find it, a second set of books from a former student. I always found it helpful, if I wasn't grasping a concept to read it in another book from a different author explaining it using different words. this works great for subjects A&P, patho phys, etc.
  7. by   nursing04
    Hi. A few more things you'll need for clinicals. Hemastats (to clamp tubes or anything for that matter), bandage scissors, pen light calipers (to help read ECG strips). Also a good lab book. One that explains the range and what it can mean if it is high or too low. I have one from Mosby.
    Anyway good luck! Silia
  8. by   RN 2005
    As far as the bookbag question......I really recommend a rolling one. It is great to have one big enough to toss everything into. I keep everything in it.... spare water bottles, granola bars, umbrella, everything!