what are my options as an LPN

  1. Hello everyone!
    I thought i would never see that light at the end of that tunnel but I made thank goodness. Throughout lpn nursing school i did my best to network and great networking i did without fail. It seems like I had a lot of jobs all lined up right before taking my boards but now that I made it they all disappeared lol! I am really seeking out my options as an LPN. while looking for jobs in NY I have been looking into certifications that would help boost my career and give me that extra edge at an interview; any advice?
    I am looking to take a phlebotomy class despite my new licensure and already seeking out lpn-rn programs for fall semester; but i need someone to guide me through the best career path possible.
    Thank you guys
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    What are your goals? Acute hospital is pretty much a non-option in NY/NJ metro area. LTC is an option though some are preferring to hire experienced nurses. Many physician offices & clinics prefer to hire medical assistants due to lower cost. Some private duty/home health agencies will hire new grads (usually pediatric shift work,i.e. work 6-12 hours caring for a single medically complex pediatric patient often developmentally disabled perhaps with neurological, GI, and/or respiratory issues) other agencies like Bayada won't consider new grads as they require minimum of one year clinical experience.
  4. by   NewBeginings
    Hey... Let me just start by saying i just love your Handle lol! Breaks the ice in many respects "keeping it real" ..smh lol
    Thanks for taking the time to write back I appreaciate this site even more now. Those 6-12 shifts sounds very good and those cases you have just described sound that much better. I am eager to throw myself n worry about being nervous later type attitude. It would be great if you could point me towards the right direction as far as those peds cases are concern great experience! Not to mention I have been looking into registering with EmedNY and part of qualifying for increase pay is having a background in fragile peds cases!!

    My goal is to become a CRNA n my understanding i will need acute care experience as an RN for at least 2yrs before qualifying for a program.. as a result thats why I figured i would seek out a lpn-ASN from which i will pursue the RN-BSN program while accruing the background in acute care..
    It starts with a plan I guess but i am encountering a few hurtles along the way such as lack of employment opportunity as an lpn as i mentioned before n also the change in the market for ASN RNs not being able to work in hospitals as much..(there goes my hopes for acute setting) etc..
    But one thing at a time n i would be very interested in securing those peds u spoke of.. I have my sights at the VA Hospital now for interview since i expect to grow from within..
    Thanks again :-)
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Are you in NY or NJ? There are a few agencies that are located in both states. Some will hire new grads, others require a year of paid clinical experience post licensing.

    You can search for jobs on Indeed, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired to get an idea of what agencies are currently hiring in your area.
  6. by   NewBeginings
    I am in NY I have applied through indeed, career builder and i havent gotten much of a response other than the auto response simply hired i get email from them so i must have applied for them before.. smh i know what it sounds like but i go through so many applications a day and the live person call backs i get back such as Bayada or White Glove Care require one yr experience.. o n of course flooded with Aflac responses.. smh lol
    I am currently readjusting my filters on those sites such as career builder in the hopes of filtering out all those unwanted aflac ads..
  7. by   Carter89
    hi i read some of your post that u went to merit technical i am thinking of attending i take the entrance exam test Saturday how was your experience and i know its been awhile but how was the entrance exam