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Hey everyone, is anyone in the process of applying or have already applied to UMDNJ's ABSN program for the summer of 2013? It would be great to hear what applicants thought about the application... Read More

  1. by   hellokitty0102
    I called the school and they told me that pre req must be complete before you apply the program. yesterday i called them and they told me that all pre req of UMDNJ is going to be changed and its going to be Rutgers pre req. Website is not updated but they are going to update soon.
  2. by   reisskj
    Quote from mikeyooc
    I believe that you have to be able to submit your final grade with your application so you may not be able apply until January to start in May '14. Have you called the school?
    There will no longer be a May entrance - only January and September. Also, see my post about prerequisite changes. This is pretty serious, and I hope everyone is informed before they start classes they don't need. The additional prerequisites include biochemistry, developmental psychology and I believe micro or macroeconomics. The site isn't up anymore, so I'm not completely sure.
  3. by   hellokitty0102
    i called yesterday and they told me - the new prerequisites are going to be the before prequisites plus chemistry or organic biochemistry, Nutrition, Interpersonal communication and Lifespan growth and development. It is not worth it to go to UMDNJ college (or Rutgers-school of nursing) anymore.
  4. by   Sflobel
    Hi. Applied for January 2014 and anxiously awaiting a reply. I'm in the same situation as you. Think we talked about it at orientation. Just going to stay positive. I'll let you know when I hear. Good luck!
  5. by   evar
    I have applied for the ABSN at the Stratford campus for Spring 2014....I knew there were changes but I had no idea about how much really changed as far as pre-reqs. I put in my application through NursingCAS in late July!
  6. by   avas_mommy
    It appears from the update to the website the changes don't go into effect until fall 2015. Which is semi inline with what they said at the info session I attended in July wherein they said things would remain the same for at least 1 year.
  7. by   kamale
    Are there any former or current students who can speak to the Rutgers-UMDNJ integration and how it will affect the ABSN program? Is it safe to assume disorganization and clinical scheduling as potential problems? UMDNJ Nursing school is currently ranked #234, Rutgers is ranked #79. This is a big difference in quality, will the new program be able to maintain the quality of a #79 ranking?
  8. by   realdream
    I don't think they are very truthful on website. When I called they said changes are in effect, even though I was trying to apply for 2013-spring 14.. It was so stupid because I ve already paid application fee & other fees to send papers... They are the most disorganized school which wherever I used to call would give you different answers.. or maybe it got disorganized because of the transition... I would definitely avoid going there.