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Hi everyone! Is there anyone who can provide information on the accelerated BSN program at UMDNJ? I would like to know how durable is the program- the good, the bad and the ugly. What GPA is... Read More

  1. by   BeccaBSN
    Thanks so much for the info! I timed the drive yesterday morning and checked out some daycares with earlier opening hours. I've already warned my husband that he's gonna have to drop off the baby when I have clinicals. I figure he can be late to work one day a week
  2. by   PhiladelphiaLove
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    I just got accepted for the summer absn in Newark and have a specific question that no one at the school has been able to help me with. What time in the morning does the first class start?! I have to drop off my 10 month old daughter in daycare before class starts, and which daycare I use depends on how early I have to be in newark. Please please someone help! Lol. I'd love to be able to keep her in her current school but am not sure it's gonna work out
    Echoing the others, the days that you have classes you'll usually always be there by 8 am. This past semester (my final one!) I had to be at one of my clinicals at 6:30 am which meant I was leaving the house at 5:50 am.
  3. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    Quote from mj0710
    The disorganization that you are all experiencing throughout the application process is only the beginning of the nonsense that you will have to deal with at UMDNJ. I am well into the ABSN program and have been MISERABLE for the past year. Of probably 12 professors that I have had there so far, I have learned from 2 of them. I cannot believe that I am wasting a large sum of money and getting the absolute minimum in return. I am certain that I could have purchased and read the textbooks and reviewed powerpoints without ever coming to class and would have been just as well off upon graduation. I will also warn you, if you were used to things running smoothly at your undergraduate schools, the ridiculousness at UMDNJ will affect you even more!! I am not sure about others' experiences, but I remember being consistently impressed by my professors at my undergraduate school. In the ABSN program at UMDNJ, I find myself feeling bad for the professors. They read their powerpoints word for word and it seems as though they are forced to lecture in subjects that they are sometimes unfamiliar with (which I actually know is the case as the patho professor is a women's health nurse practitioner). It is not uncommon that a student asks a question and a professor is unable to provide an answer.

    I am sorry for ranting, but I feel like it's only fair that applicants know the truth about this program. I cannot think of one instance in the four years that I was at my undergraduate university that I experienced the frustration that I now feel on a weekly (if not daily) basis at UMDNJ. If you have the option to go elsewhere, DO IT!!! You will be more respected, and you will receive a better education. I cannot think of anything worse than this.
    I agree with a lot of this, but I have to say that I do think there are some VERY intelligent professors there who do know what they are talking about. I am finishing level 4 this coming Tuesday so I do understand the frustration in the disorganization. We've all pretty much learned to just deal with it. I can't say the disorganization has been worse than I have had in my undergraduate schooling - its just as bad. Know which professors to watch out for and you'll be fine. Unfortunately, I have heard from other students at other schools (such as Drexel and Jefferson) that the disorganization there is awful too.
  4. by   chiasmus100
    @PhiladelphiaLove and mj0710 what about njcu? If you had the option to do it again would you go there as opposed to UMDNJ? Also, can you describe more specifically "disorganization"? thanks!
  5. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    Quote from chiasmus100
    @PhiladelphiaLove and mj0710 what about njcu? If you had the option to do it again would you go there as opposed to UMDNJ? Also, can you describe more specifically "disorganization"? thanks!
    I think I would still go to UMDNJ regardless of the disorganization some of us experienced at some time. I still think that my clinical experiences with certain professors was a huge chunk of why I think I would do it again. They taught me a lot even if sometimes it was really difficult. They made it worth it. The most disorganization that I experienced was in the beginning. It just seemed like whenever we asked questions or tried to get some help regarding certain matters - nobody was able to do so. Deadlines got changed around a lot, sometimes we would be promised to get info by a certain date and then we wouldn't. Thing's like that. It's hard to remember because it was over a year ago now but as I said we learned to deal with it and it did get better over time. If you have any more questions, PM me anytime. There are several students from here who are in lower levels that I have corresponded with for a while about the program in terms of advice and even became good friends with some of them!
  6. by   joe007
    I would not go to UMDNJ again... If I were to do it over, I'd go to a normally paced program within the top 50 ranked schools... UMDNJ is ranked in the 200-300 range when it comes to nursing FYI.