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Hi everyone! Is there anyone who can provide information on the accelerated BSN program at UMDNJ? I would like to know how durable is the program- the good, the bad and the ugly. What GPA is... Read More

  1. by   minniemickey23
    i heard from UMDNJ yesterday (3/7) and I got accepted for the Summer 2012 ABSN program. However - my letter was dated back in February...they had the wrong address and kept saying they send it to my new one but I never received it. My advice if you haven't heard anything and applied by the deadline? Call them!!

    I got into Drexel's ACE program and am currently deciding between the two...I hate decisions
  2. by   gladtobenurse
    Congratulations Mini!!!

    I've been calling and i don't feel like bothering them any more ...
  3. by   GraceCEM
    Congrats minniemickey23:

    I am still waiting on a decision letter from UMDNJ. I am so disappointed right now because NursingCas only send my application to UMDNJ a few days ago. I submitted everything before the deadline. I called NursingCas on the day that I submitted (1/11/12) to make sure that everything looks good. I was given the assurance that all is well. I called back NursingCas when my GPA was calculated by them. The customer service person assured me that everything is fine and my application will be sent to UMDNJ. That did not happen anytime soon.

    It was in March I found out that my application was just sitting in NursingCas queue. My application was sent to UMDNJ a few minutes after I called NursingCas.
  4. by   BeccaBSN
    OMG that's awful GraceCEM! How did you find out that NursingCAS failed to send your application? I had my own problems with NursingCAS but evenually recieved an email from UMDNJ stating that my application was complete (on Jan 27th, well after the original Jan 15th deadline) and that I would get a decision by late feb/march. Still waiting!

    Has UMDNJ sent you a similar confirmation email? Maybe you can ask them to hold onto your application for the September cohort since it was submitted so late through no fault of your own. Personally I think this NursingCAS system is probably making more problems than it's solving.

    Good luck!
  5. by   GraceCEM
    Thanks for your empathy BeccaBSN!

    My friend had applied to another nursing program and she was checking her status on her Laptop when I decided (for no known reason) to show her NursingCas website. Thank God I did. I went on the website clicked on transcript, and I saw that NursingCas recorded an incorrect date received (way beyond the deadline) for my foreign transcript (evaluated by the WES). I am sure this date was wrong because I sent the foreign transcript, certified mail, through the US Postal services. I got a delivery confirmation receipt before 1/15/2012, so I was positive that NursingCas got it before the deadline. To make matters worst, NursingCas gave me a wrong date received for my foreign transcript, and they did not mark my application as complete on that (wrong date) day.

    Immediately, I called NursingCas and then I call UMDNJ. Thank God the matter is resolved. NursingCas corrected my foreign transcript date (received) and today (3/15/2012) I came home to find an acceptance letter from UMDNJ.

    I believe you will hear something soon because I was told that I would hear from UMDNJ the end of March.

    All the best! Please let me know how everything works out for you.

  6. by   BeccaBSN
    That's great news GraceCEM!!! Congrats on your acceptance

    Unfortunately still nothing from UMDNJ in the mailbox this week. Do you mind if you ask what your grade stats are? I have a 4.0 in my pre-reqs and 3.67 in my undergrad for a NursingCAS 3.74 cumulative, but no health care experience on my resume and my undergraduate degree was in the fine arts (but from an extremely competitive school). Still, I hoped that a 4.0 in A&P I and II, chem, stats, micro etc. would prove that I was a serious student! Oh well, the wait continues.... :P
  7. by   GraceCEM
    Sorry to hear that you are still waiting BeccaBSN. I know how "nerve racking" that is.

    My GPA from NursingCas is 3.78. For my pre-reqs, I have "A" except for A&P II I have B+. I do not have any health care experience on my resume. My background is business and taxation.

    I do believe you are a serious student. You taking the time to communicate with other students on this website show how serious you are. It shows you care about this whole process.

    I really wish you all the best, and I hope you hear something soon. Maybe you can call UMDNJ and talk to Ali. Tell him your concerns and I believe he will understand. He was understanding to my situation, so I believe he will understand yours. Please keep in touch.

    Best of luck!

  8. by   TheDreamJourney
    Congrats to everyone accepted so far and good luck to those waiting. If you have any questions about accelerated program feel free to ask me. I am level 1 student at UMDNJ Newark Campus.

    A few pointers to those accepted. Be extra organized starting from day 1, read the material, go to class, memorize powerpoints and study study study!!!

  9. by   joe007
    Really UMDNJ's ABSN program is totally disorganized, the teaching quality is horrific, and you'll end up wondering where (because a lot of the material just isn't presented) they came up with their questions. All of the students know this program sucks, but we're too far into it with time and money to transfer. Have fun getting destroyed -- I seriously think some of the profs. are sadists who get a thrill out of destroying people.

    I was a 4.0 student... now I'm barely pulling a 3.67 cumulative in this program... and I'll pull less than that this semester... maybe a 3.4 (crossing my fingers)... If I were to do it over, I would not go to this school, but probably would opt to go to TCNJ or somewhere that has a committed faculty. 95% of our faculty are part time and have other jobs. They're not trained in teaching and don't give **** about the students.
  10. by   mj0710
    The disorganization that you are all experiencing throughout the application process is only the beginning of the nonsense that you will have to deal with at UMDNJ. I am well into the ABSN program and have been MISERABLE for the past year. Of probably 12 professors that I have had there so far, I have learned from 2 of them. I cannot believe that I am wasting a large sum of money and getting the absolute minimum in return. I am certain that I could have purchased and read the textbooks and reviewed powerpoints without ever coming to class and would have been just as well off upon graduation. I will also warn you, if you were used to things running smoothly at your undergraduate schools, the ridiculousness at UMDNJ will affect you even more!! I am not sure about others' experiences, but I remember being consistently impressed by my professors at my undergraduate school. In the ABSN program at UMDNJ, I find myself feeling bad for the professors. They read their powerpoints word for word and it seems as though they are forced to lecture in subjects that they are sometimes unfamiliar with (which I actually know is the case as the patho professor is a women's health nurse practitioner). It is not uncommon that a student asks a question and a professor is unable to provide an answer.

    I am sorry for ranting, but I feel like it's only fair that applicants know the truth about this program. I cannot think of one instance in the four years that I was at my undergraduate university that I experienced the frustration that I now feel on a weekly (if not daily) basis at UMDNJ. If you have the option to go elsewhere, DO IT!!! You will be more respected, and you will receive a better education. I cannot think of anything worse than this.
  11. by   BeccaBSN
    I just got accepted for the summer absn in Newark and have a specific question that no one at the school has been able to help me with. What time in the morning does the first class start?! I have to drop off my 10 month old daughter in daycare before class starts, and which daycare I use depends on how early I have to be in newark. Please please someone help! Lol. I'd love to be able to keep her in her current school but am not sure it's gonna work out
  12. by   nurse2013
    BeccaBSN: Most morning classes begin at 8:00am. However, that are clinicals that begin at 7:00 am, so you need to be mindful of that.
  13. by   joe007
    Some instructors for some clinicals will insist you show up at 630 am or earlier to receive report, etc. To go to this school you have to be extremely, and I do mean EXTREMELY flexible.