UMDNJ ABSN program questions

  1. Hi everyone, I am trying to get into UMDNJ ABSN program for spring 2013. I know it's bit early but I'm in the process of taking my pre-reqs and it's better to be prepared right?

    For anyone who has accurate information.. please answer my questions..

    I graduated with GPA 3.01 for my first BS. Am I even eligible to apply to the program?
    The reason why I'm so scared is because Nursing CAS's calculation might bring down my GPA little bit more..
    (I'm not familiar with Nursing CAS system so if anyone could give me brief overview, I would appreciate it.)
    Thank you so much..
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  3. by   8packmurse
    If you meet their minimum expectation of a 3.0 gpa you should get in.
  4. by   enilrek
    Why do people keep saying that about UMDNJ ABSN?... there are people who have the minimum requirements and still don't get in. Having the minimum requirements just means that you're an eligible candidate and they will consider your application. But at the end of the day, there are no guarantee "ins"...

    But definitely give it a try! Unless your school has a unique grading system your gpa shouldn't change on NursingCas. Best wishes!
  5. by   8packmurse
    I say that because a classmate of mine was accepted (failed out 2nd term) and did not have the 3.0gpa minimum. The qualifications mostly depend on the pool of applicants they get for the term. If they aren't filling the census as far as class size they can and have dipped below their "minimum standards".
  6. by   niciki24
    I am confused about NursingCas and how it calculates gpa for nursing school. I have a 3.0 BA degree GPA, but does NursingCAs tabulate gpa from all my cousework info that I filled out or does it score up gpa from the prereq for the nursing program.
  7. by   piscesgrl389
    NursingCAS takes into account all the college classes you have taken during your undergrad. Once i inputted all my grades and they received all my transcripts i believe 2 weeks later they did a final calculation on my "perceived" GPA including the nursing pre-reqs separately ( basically they give you an overall GPA and GPA for your nursing pre-req ) That is why they make you classify your Class if its a nursing pre-req, Math, Science, Liberal arts ect... The reason people dislike the grading for NursingCas (i disliked it myself) was because of them counting your Retaken class as a grade. So, lets say you failed a class so your retook it and got a A. Universities normally "ignore" the F ( though it will still be in your transcript as a RF ) and look as though you have received a A instead. However, NursingCas counts the F and the A therefore it makes it look like you received C in the class instead. =.=

    ^ hopes this makes sense!
  8. by   minniemickey23
    They wont accept just have to have a A/B in A&P I/II in order to get accepted. They say specifically to retake it if you get a C. I know someone who I think was a better candidate than me but go a C in A/P and didn't get in (and I did).