Trouble funding job in nj hospital

  1. U have sent out numerous resumes for 6 months since I got my license and have only had 1 interview yesterday!! I've sent out atleast50-60 apps!! I am currently working in a nursing home and feel that I have met my limit on learning( I work at nite and do t do anything but pass meds) I am dying to get into a hospital So i can learn the most I can!!! I need to get out o nights and out of the nursing home. Not that I have anything against the place I'm at but just want to learn all I can. Does anyone know of hospitals in southern nj hiring new grads with ASN? I am looking into bsn bc I see all hospitals are looki for it now!!!
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    South Jersey Healthcare and Lourdes are the only hospitals I've heard of that have taken on ASN nurses. Kennedy, Cooper, and Virtua all want BSNs. You might also try the hospitals closer to the shore, like AtlantiCare and Shore Memorial. But it's a tight market right now; even BSNs are having difficulty finding hospital jobs right now. Just keep trying though - a lot of times it takes HR a very long time to respond. Good luck!
  5. by   heron21
    I am a new grad with my BSN and passed my boards a month ago today. Since then, I have applied to 30 different hospital and LTACH positions that are as far as an hour drive from me. Not a single call-back, let alone an interview. I attended a career fair, followed up with the recruiters, rediscovered my LinkedIn account, got my ACLS cert and NOTHING. I'm at my wits end here. It seems 98% of RN jobs require minimum a year of experience. I have 6 months experience as a PCT, 6 years as Unit Secretary and none as a Nurse, but VERY eager to start. I realize that its only been a month, but I'm afraid I'm be losing skills and knowledge the longer that I am not working as an RN. What else can I be doing to let my application emerge from HR's giant pile? What other type of settings can I be looking at, besides nursing homes? I've been checking on facilities' websites directly. Any suggestions are welcomed.

    Just looking for a chance.