Thankful to have my first LPN job

  1. After searching and being knocked down, told that I need experience, that my clinical experiences were not good enough, blah, blah, blah! :flamesonb

    Well I finally landed a job.

    The staff are absolutely wonderful.

    I just wanted to share my news with all of you.

    I got my license Dec. 2011 and started looking for a job shortly after that than my brother passed away Jan. 13 and was hospitalized one month prior to passing away. Between being at my brother's bedside and looking for a job, life hasn't been easy.

    I was offered the job last week, and I attended a meeting with the upper staff today, and I officially accepted their offer.

    For the LPN's out there looking for a job, be patient, be resilient, be persistent, and while your doing all of this, remember to smile, and when they ask you what is the worst thing about you, find something funny, laugh out loud, and let them see you being you!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all the nurses looking for jobs.
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  3. by   Mazee
    congrats, true it hasnt been easy. i have friends that took awhile to land a job as well! what kind of setting are u working in? LTC ? drs office?
  4. by   donna67
    I am working for a rehab facility for brain injuries and spinal cord injury patients. I also picked up some weekend and holiday work with an agency. The rehab is full time employment. Good luck in your search for a job. Someone I went to school with landed a job at a LTC facility and said hound the heck out of them and never leave a voice message. This was the advice I got.
  5. by   Mazee
    Thats great. wish you all the best in your new career. I think Id rather be in a rehab setting like where u are than LTC.. Im planning to do agency as well as i have offers already coming from an agency. Only downfall with the agency is it has no benefits, with that said still need the ft position for benefits...
  6. by   donna67
    Thanks Mazee, I am also working on the weekends for an agency. The rehab thing seems likes it is going to be a great job!

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