RWJ Hamilton?

  1. Hey everyone,

    Has anyone applied to or know of RWJ-Hamilton's New Grad Program? I really don't know too much about the program, and applied earlier last month... have yet to hear anything, (except a postcard thanking me for my application). Does anyone work there or have any experience there? I've seen the hospital on A Baby Story on TLC, it was beautiful... but other than that don't know much!

    Any help is appreciated!
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  3. by   flipper628
    I called and talked to the Nurse Recruiter and he told me that they have already made all their selections and they were all in house. He said that he didnt realize how many people that already worked there and also getting their degree in nursing. There were only 7 spots and unfortunately they are all gone
  4. by   coppertopRN
    I don't know if I'd be looking at RWJH right now. Under investigation for Medicare fraud. Rumors all over town. Another local hospital made an offer on their buildings, it was rejected but (again, rumors) now hearing that the counter offer was accepted. Also hearing they are going to be shut down. Unlikely, but that's what rumors are...

    Regardless, they are probably in a hiring freeze...

    Good luck!
  5. by   jo1010
    I called RWJUH in Hamilton and asked a human resources lady about that program. She just told me they don't have that program right now and won't have it for a while. Oh well...