Relocating to Central or South Jersey

  1. I am looking for opinions and advice about relocating to South Jersey. I am an experienced RN. I have worked in managed care and quality assurance for some time. I am tired of NYC and looking for a slower pace. Any advice about job market and nice communities for renting would be greatly appreciated. I have no kids and single.
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  3. by   ear
    The beauty of NJ is there are so many differnt types of living. Do you want to be close to the ocean? Do you want to be close to NYC (or Philly) but in a more suburban area? Do you want to be in the country? There are a lot of options here. What are you looking for?
  4. by   WoundedBird
    I grew up in Central Jersey and some of the systems includes Somerset Med Ctr based on Somerville, Hunterdon MC in Flemington with satellite offices in the Hunterdon county / west central area, and the biggie is Robert Wood Johnson / UMDNJ which is based in New Brunswick (VERY convenient to hop on the train to get your city fix). RWJ has also taken over the operations of some of the smaller hospitals in the area. I know there's a system up in the Morris county area (St. Barnabus?) but I've been out of Jersey for 6 years but go back about once or twice to see the fam in central Jersey. Hope this at least gives you some systems to look into.