R.N. or L.P.N?

  1. I attend Essex County College and my major is General Science and my minor is Nursing why they do it like this I Don't have a Clue? anyway I been there since spring of "09 and I want to do the R.N, but I have been told by the advisor that the nursing program in NO JOKE BLOOD and SWEAT and now I am wodering if I should just do the L.P.N. Program because it's only for 14 months compared to 2 years, also I have my 2 yr old lil girl and I need help can somebody please help a soon to be R.N. or L.P.N. out?. Also with ECC you have to take a entrance exm to get in and their waiting list is out of this world, and if I don't pass that's a whole year to wait to take it again (I'm just saying cause I do not plan on waiting a year to take it again), but I was thinking of transferring to maybe Seton Hall, Union County, Trinitas, Rutgers, or Mountainside but I don't know cause UCC and Trinitas I think its out-of-county tuition. Don't know what to do but I do know that nursing is what I desire and I am going to become a nurse, btu which oe I don't know right now.
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  3. by   agldragonRN
    lpn = 14 months and rn = 24 months. do the rn if you can especially for only 10 more months. do lpn only if you don't get in the rn program. you will get more pay and respect as an rn.

    i did both lpn and rn and both programs are equally difficult so don't think lpn school is a piece of cake. actually, the nclex-rn was easier for me compared to nclex-pn.

    good luck!
  4. by   Phoenixbyrd
    Hi Guannie,

    I'm also currently an ECC student, but I haven't finished all my prerequisites. I'm not quite clear on the testing info - tell me, do they contact students after they finish their prerequisites? And, what makes the program "blood and sweat"? Do you have any details? I wanted to take pre-calculus during the semester I was hoping to be taking Nursing I (supposing that I'd be accepted)but after reading your post, I'm wondering if it's possible.
  5. by   quannie74
    Linda Salley is who you should probably speak with, I just met with her and she can give you more info better then the other lady here's her number @ ECC (973)877-3539. They program ain't No Joke like its serious, and she'll tell you that as well. Your G.P.A. has to be 3.0 nothing lower. And you don't have to do pre-cal only 086 & 092 math and then after we are done with our pre-req's then we start the nursing 130 & so forth then we have to take math 116, but she told me that she suggest that I take 116 when I began my nursing 130 & etc. courses. My email is sneedshuquin@yahoo.com
  6. by   Phoenixbyrd
    Thanks. I"m going to call the office ASAP because I think I need some guidance. Everytime I went to the office last semester, the secretary would tell me to just read the fact sheet, so I just thought that I had to finish my prerequisites before my questions would be taken seriously. I'm still unclear about the testing - from what I gather, they would contact me after I submit my application (hopefully, for me, by December 31). I'll probably drop you a line via e-mail as well.
    I'm taking the precalculus just in case - I might major in Biology/Pre-med if I don't get into the program. I just want to have it out of the way 'cause I'm planning on continuing on with my 4 year degree after I leave ECC.
  7. by   Phoenixbyrd
    I also say go for the RN, but if it doesn't work out, LPN is good, too. I understand you can always bridge over later. There is so much opportunity and choice in this field, it amazes me.

    Have you taken the test yet? Have you decided which way you want to go? Have you taken A&P yet? Is it as difficult as people say?