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Hi Can anyone tell me about the program? Would you recommend it? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   PTYME
    o okay thank you zawatscm...thanks for clearing up my uncertainties!!!
  2. by   staci2011
    So you can apply to the program before finishing up the prereq's? I understand that at BCC (where I'm currently trying feverishly to finish up all my classes) you need to have everything completed (excluding the core nursing classes) prior to even applying (and that includes if you are in the last semester of finishing.. you need to sit out a semester because you can't apply while taking the class.) So I'm looking at Fall 2010 because I won't be done nutrition, micro and stat until next spring. Could probably push and get it done by fall 2009, but there is no point since I can't apply anyway. Now, I'm thinking about other options!
  3. by   capemay5143
    hi! im in for fall 2010! Anyone else out there?

  4. by   current bc student R
    yes im a current nursing student. im in process 2 right now, and u do need to have all your pre req b4 u even apply, they wont take your application unless they see ur grades from ur pre req. and is imposible to be accepted a year ahead. soo capmay i dont know but u are a lil lost find out first
  5. by   mel101478
    I'm in nursing 1 right now at Lourdes and you don't need to have your pre-reqs done before you apply. You just need to have them done before you start nursing 1. They give you two years from when you apply to finish your pre-reqs. So apply now because I know spaces fill up quick.
  6. by   PUMPKIN1975
    Well I got my acceptance letter last week for Spring 2011, wait list for Fall 2010. I am done all my prereqs this semester though, so I don't see any reason why I wouldn't get in BCC for Spring 2010, so as much as I want to go to OLOL, I can't see waiting another year to do it
  7. by   capemay5143
    Quote from current bc student R
    and is imposible to be accepted a year ahead. soo capmay i dont know but u are a lil lost find out first

    Hi, im sorry im not sure what you mean? Lost? I was accepted for fall 2010, waitlist spring 2010..... what should i find out?
  8. by   current bc student R
    what school was it that you got accepted. because BCC can tell you oh yeah, you can come when u done with pre req. but hun that is not true it happened to my friend. is all depending on your classes grades/
  9. by   PUMPKIN1975
    I got into OLOL for Spring 2011. what do you mean depending on your classes/grades? I will have all prereqs done with all A's and B's. From what I have heard at BCC and on these boards as long as you are done ALL prereqs, you should be fine getting in.
  10. by   capemay5143
    I was accepted to olol.....:spin:
  11. by   staci2011
    Does anyone know if CHE 107 taken at BCC is equivalent to Gen Chem at CCC?
  12. by   PUMPKIN1975
    no. I took CHE 107/108 and OLOL told me I would have to take General Chem with lab...
  13. by   staci2011
    Are you serious... was contemplating OLOL but I'm lucky to be passing CHE 107 so I may stick with BCC!